Frank Costello

Back in 92’ I was living in Virginia Beach, Va. & saw an article in the paper about this guy who could touch his FOOT on a basketball rim! No kidding! I still have the article. His name was Frank Costello; a former high jumper at Maryland & now the strenght coach at Marland. At the end of the article was an address to buy his book “Bounding To The Top”. It’s a great book on Plyometrics!

My question: Has anyone seen this guy jump?
Could he really touch his foot on a b-ball rim!? (I have a pic of it; but, don’t believe it!
What’s the best vertical ever?
Also, in my Guinesses Book of World Records it states that some guy jumped onto a refirgerator!!! It was done on some T.V. show. Has anybody seen this!? Also, who would have the best vertical? Powerlifters or Olympic lifters? I know one guy who has a three step 50 inch vertical jump. He’s 6’0’'& can graze his head on the rim! He’s awesome! Give me some feedback!