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Franco Columbu RIP

Details seem scarce at the moment,., one of my favorite physiques of all time.



Damn. True Legend in the Iron game.


Huge surprise, really sad because it was so unexpected - the main news report in Italy sounds like it may’ve been a heart attack or cardiac event while swimming (poor form to speculate, sorry). I didn’t realize he was 78 though. Thought he was a few years younger like Arnold.

Still one of the strongest bodybuilders ever, with his powerlifting background and competing in the first World’s Strongest Man contest.

And his epic chest. Forever inspiring young lifters to find the right exercises to bring out that split. Ha.


Arnold made a very emotional post on instagram about his passing. Almost 60 years of friendship. So sad.

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Very sad. He was a very good BBer, PLer, and Strongman.

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Sardinians are world renowned for their longevity. I thought he would have easily made it well into his 80’s if not beyond…

Came here to post this. Truly heartbreaking. Another amazing bodybuilder gone who competed high level in another sport with a beautiful physique.

Darnn was one of my idols.

This is a real tragedy.

RIP to an all time great of the game.



For anyone not on IG, the post is on FB as well.

Devastating news. One of my top 5 lifting inspirations over the past 15 years for me, in the context of powerlifting, bodybuilding and strongman.

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Damn. One of the best. RIP

I’m a fan of Franco as well. Seemed like a great guy, RIP.

Franco was the total package! Looked amazing, strong, athletic. Very sad news… what a legend…

Sad news. One of the greats!

Last of his kind.


One of my favorite pictures of him! It shows that a crazy physique can be obtained training heavy.

yea, it was a cardiac event (heart attack while swimming) age was 78. I assume not being as well known as Arnold there’s the potential his access to healthcare was not as stringent or advanced when compared to Arnold.

78 is the avg male lifespan in the US, I believe it’s 79-80 here in Aus. It’s sad man, he was one of my heroes (primarily for being short and recognised as a large individual lol). May he RIP (although I personally believe post death it may just be lights out, I guess it makes me more comfortable with the uncertainty we all have about what happens post-mortem, the concept of nothing simply makes sense to me as we have otherwise little scientific literature to demonstrate otherwise and that scares me)

as a finisher for chest do
3 sets of genetics
Take one scoop of good genetics pre and post workout

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Had the privilege to meet him at the “Universe” 50 years ago! Fluent in 3 languages, Dr. of Chiropractics and author of several books. Brain as well as brawn.

I have his autobiography. Despite many non-serious fans thinking he was just someone always in Arnold’s shadow, his story is pretty interesting, and very inspiring. Probably available online if any fans of the sport, or even anyone just curious as to why Arnold had so much respect for this 5’5 beast want to hunt down a copy.