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Franchise vs Gym

Yeah, this ties into Shugart’s thread on Hardcore home training.

I was reading over at the Westside site in the archives about the distinction between a franchise and a gym. A franchise is a place where they sell brand x protein powder, tanning sessions, spandex clothing, and a host of other shit that don’t make a damned bit of difference.

A gym is a place where PRs are temporary and attitude is everything. Deadlifting is permitted and you can use as much chalk as you like.

I for one got tired of the posers, the fagoos and their gay ass rituals, and personal trainers who passed out dirty looks any time you asked for a spot.

I lift at home. I agree with Chris 100 % - Hardcore Lifting has gone underground.

Anyone else lift at home?

Yes, the gym is/has been in severe decline for years. Breaking out your own equipment is the solution when the area you live at becomes saturated with the fitness franchises.

I’ve been collecting items for the if/when my gym closes.

I am in the “want to train at home” camp but it’ll have to wait until I move into a new house (ETA 1.5 - 2 years). I train at a pretty OK Rec Center but the only reason I don’t have problems with people in the weight area is cause I train at 5:30 AM. If I trained later in the day they would prob kick me out… In fact I just joined it so we’ll see how deadlifts go next week. I have had 2 gyms close on me over the last 8 months. Its so hard for gyms today to stay open unless they have all the extras (Aerobic classes, Cardio equipment out the wazoo, Child Care, etc…). And more to the point commercial gyms know for every one hardcore guy they sign up, there is 1 gal who will bring in 10 of her Tupperware friends (some of em hot which will attract us horndog guys). So there is no reason to have the hardcore guy who will cause the women to complain and maybe leave over him grunting while deadlifting. I’m not saying that is a valid position for a gym but its the $$$ truth. The overhead for a gym these days (between commercial rental space, equipment, and staff) is insane. Few and far inbetween are the places where a hardcore gym can survive. I think the home gym is the only way to go for someone who is dedicated and trains hardcore. I can’t wait to get mine set up!!

I have to take exception to JB’s arguement about social support in the commercial gyms.

He might be a nutritional god, but here, he is out of his league.

9 out of 10 people in the commercial gym setting have poor(exercise) habits, they talk too much, or are there just to pick up members of the opposite sex.

Don’t even get me started on cell phones. I’m sorry, but if you are so damn important that you can’t dedicate an hour of your day to lift or train then DON’T COME TO THE F’CKIN GYM.

There is no doubt that Golds is a franchise, but I guess I am lucky.

As long as I stay on the side with the weights, don’t talk to the men/woman behind the counter, and bring my own tunes, who cares what anyone else does.

I am at the gym at 5:15AM, and I have full reign of the weights, chalk, rock/metal music in the weight area, multiple racks, and Olympic weights.

I am not saying “golds rocks”, but my local franchise seems have all that I need.

Would it be nice to have fellow lifting-enthusiasts? I guess.

My suggestion, ignore everyone and put some F’n weight on the bar!

[quote]StrongMan wrote:

My suggestion, ignore everyone and put some F’n weight on the bar!

Built Big wrote:

Well said StrongMan!

I too have left the commercial scene in favor of home training. I got tired of feeling like I was at an amusement park and not a gym. I have a power rack and various bars, free weights, and dumbbells which are basically the only things I used when I trained in a commercial gym anyway. I do miss the glute/ham raise and reverse hyper though. I hope to get my own someday. The city I work for also has a nice weight room with some good equipment that myself and some of the other employees were able purchase and bring in. I actually train there about 3/4 of the time either by myself or with 2 or 3 other employees that are serious lifters. Its got a great atmosphere. Honestly though, I prefer to train alone. I have always been very motivated on my own and have never relied on training partners. I’m an extremely intense individual. Some people don’t like that.