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France's own army knife

 Can anyone corroborate the story That France is coming with their own Army knife, a weapon for the 21st century world? 

 The french army knife is supposed to get raving reviews by critics and make the swiss army knife obsolete in such countries as Germany and Russia. 

 While wary of the american and british market, producers are optimistic about exceeding production goals. 'It's the weapon of choice for the 21st century. You cannot afford to arm your soldiers with what has already been designated as the only weapon an army will ever need'. Among its peculiar design, its versatility and multi-function feature ensure the best usability among all standard swiss-army knives. French army spokesman adds 'It's white flag pops out in any environment, in any circumstance - it's MY weapon of choice and I love it!'. We're sure you do.

 Oh come on, it's called humour for fuck's sakes.

I thought it also had a yellow stripe.

Just so long as it has the corkscrew…

By the way, if you want to read about some tough mofos, read about the history of the French Foreign Legion. If you like military history or anything of the sort, you will find it interesting. Also, look up their holiday of April 30, the celebration of Camerone. That will give you some idea of the mentality of the FFL.

I’d say my weapon of choice is McDonalds ;D… man that “food” kills more people every day than any war.

By all means Fred, use all the macdonalds you need to accomplish your goal...