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France's Military Base


French President Sarkozy to open UAE base


Two months after joining NATO, this is not really surprising. Sarkozy, the son of a bitch.

Rejoice! The "imperialistic bastards" club is growing.


Ah, so that's why my stock in white flag makers suddenly shot up. Time to buy Depends and Adidas too.


Nice to see another country being a little proactive and shouldering some of the load.



Let's make it perfectly clear:

Germany is still trembling and shitting itself while sitting all day in a lousy camp in Afghanistan, doing basically nothing.
And it has no intention whatsoever to rediscover Imperialism, brooding over maps of Poland while listening to Wagner or parading some Hernia-inducing blitzmarches.

I bet the French Army will even enjoy sponsored wargames a la America's Army.


I must admit though that I am slightly amused that the mighty Austrian army is seen as a serious fighting force in Tschad.

They´re fighting guys on camels with Ak47s but still.


Id actually put good money down that the mid east, and the world would be a much safer place (and probably freer for the mid east) if a band of revived European imperialist nations went and retook the place, redrew better lines in the sand, and sat on it for a few decades.


Adidas are useful for running away.

What the fuck does Germany have to do with anything? If you're looking for stuff to do, you could invent a language that doesn't sound like you're angrily throwing up when you speak it.


You missed pookie's point.


And now Sarkozy is responsible for all the deaths of the next terrorist attack on France.


Are you kidding me? French is much more disgusting sounding than German -- at least the words are pronounced the way they are spelled and one doesn't have to swallow his tongue in the process of getting a full sentence out. I can't believe Germans even allowed french cognates to enter their language at all.

French is the grossest language ever. And besides, there is a distinct reason why the world no longer speaks french as la lingua franca -- because the french are a bunch of assholes who pretend not to understand you when you try communicating with them in their own language as a secondary speaker.


If you're swallowing your tongue while getting a french sentence out, then it's little wonder no one understands you.


Obviously you haven't been around people speaking Arabic during cold and flu season.


Why do all yo-postrophesâ?? have an accent grave lately?


Did you really just suggest that??


Happened to me too!!


It is contagious!


Swine computer virus....


I took French in College, my dad speaks fluently and my family left France during the Nazi occupation. My grandmother used to be part of the "underground railroad" to get jews out of france without harm.

I figured the language would come naturally...I was wrong.


I don't know...my wife speaks Arabic and though to most native speakers her mode of speech is a little too academic it sounds quite beautiful to me.

Heck, she once said to me in Arabic, "God willing, all infidels will be wiped off the earth," and I thought she was trying to seduce me...that's how lovely it sounds to me.

On the other hand, to me, every time I hear French spoken it sounds like they are cursing someone out.