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France vs US

I heard France is coming out with a new mascot, is that right?


That absolutly kicks ass!

Shoulda been a poodle though…

So the bald eagle is the national “mascot” of the US? I thought it was either the SanDiego Chicken or the Duke Blue Devil.

exasparated sigh Oh, for the love of Chirst, dude, we get it already. The United States is the most fucking glorious nation on the globe, and any other nation that does not comply with the American way of life is to be ridiculed. Ok? Is that what you want to hear? Oh, and, this; you, diesel23, produce thought-provoking and original posts that are not merely cut-and-pastes from other websites. You are truely a photoshop, as well as political and comic, genius. All fucking hail.

Is there an ignore feature on the forum yet?

 Yeah, is there an ignore feature in the forum already?


Why do people defend France so heavily on here?

La France est le meilleur pays sur terre!

 Fred cut the gay crap off.


 (You might as well just put on a pink ballet skirt with lacy shoes and try to convince everyone you're a manly man.)

Wouldn’t a dachsund be more appropriate for Germany?

Well, their army blows chunks,but they didn’t give the world, McDonalds, KFC or Burget Bloody King - which quite frankly from a t-person perspective is a hell of a lot more important to me.

I also think you got the mascot wrong, should be a bottle of wine, a loaf of brioche and couple of slices of good raclette [that’s a cheese].

Can we please leave the French alone, it’s getting old, tired and really rather sad.

They didn’t support the US for their own selfish reasons - errrr can we say pot:kettle:black?

Give me chateau d’yquem over coke any day.

 Sure they dint give the world McDonalds, or BurgerKing.

 They didnt even bother offer the world freedom and eliminate worldwide terrorist threats - that threaten future generations first and foremost.

 Heck, they didnt even manage to offer themselves freedom when Germany paid a visit to Eiffel.

 Also, I fail to see how wine and cheese is more important to a true t-man.

 1. Alcohol reduces testosterone levels.
 2. Cheese is loaded with saturated fats, and to be used sparingly.

 Heck, the french load themselves with wine and cheese - and couldnt even manage to defend themselves from Germany. Coincidence? For your sake let's hope so...

 What good is a built t-man if he lacks the balls to fight for worldwide freedom, safety, and peace, as well as prosperity for everyone? You can be one of two things:

 The guy who LOOKS the part. He's the guy who looks like he kicks serious ass. Alas, he's a true pussy and he knows it. Don't even mention war or fighting to him as he'll shit his pants.

 ...Or the guy who not only looks the part, but walks the walk. He's willing to fight for whats right. And he's not one to ignore the issues going on in the world.

 (sorry to interrupt, but I think I just saw the stupidest ad of my life on tv - a chick sobbing and crying, and thanking the inventor of an ab machine saying she just saved her life with the ab machine. Excuse me while I hang myself)

diesel…you ever heard of irony??

On French cowardice–

If you want to understand why France put up so little of a fight in WWII one must look back to WWI. In that war France, a nation of ~40 mil at the time (to the best of my recollection) lost 1.4 million soldiers (dead), another ~2mil invalid, and had a total casualty count of over 6 million. They suffered the highest casualty rate (casualties/total forces mobilized) of any of the allied powers (~75%!). Few would call the effort of WWI a display of cowardice. To put this into some perspective, the US has had fewer soldiers killed in all of its wars combined, while its total population was ~4-5 times the size during the WWI period.

Like the English, but to an even far greater extent, the French described the losses in the key demographic group of young males as a “lost generation”. The demographic effects only began there though, as not only was there the damage of having a large portion of the nation’s young adult males killed or left invalid, but further, these males who would have entered a child/family creating stage of life never did so. As a result, by the mid 30’s, the number of males coming of age (as measure by the draft classes) was half what it had been a few years before. That huge demographic gap helps explain why the common sentiment amongst the French was that there would be no France left if they had to fight another war like the last one.

After the Polish invasion, the writing was basically on the wall. Germany had far greater demographic reserves and industrial capacity --especially as it had been left untouched during WWI, whereas the eastern 1/3 of France, its industrial centers, had been laid waste by the war-- than France or England could muster. This superiority could also be brought to bear entirely on France, as unlike in the first world war, Germany’s eastern front was secured by the non-aggression pack with the SU. Furthermore, Germany had introduced a new paradigm in military tactics. Using mobile and mechanized armies, with concentrated tank formations, the old style French army --and at this point all of the world?s armies-- was outclassed. They were using mostly infantry support tanks spread thin over their front, and a conscript army facing off against a then heavily professional German army using modern style tanks and tactics, with a far superior officer corps. Meanwhile, it should be noted, that the POS known as the Sherman hadn’t even been developed by this point- the US didn’t even have a main battle tank. Digression aside, the Germans were using innovative and unorthodox methods of organization and strategy-- indicated above-- as had been laid out in a couple books during the early 30s by a then unknown French general by the name of Charles de Gaulle.

The hope of the French was to stop the Germans at the border. Unfortunately for the French though, the Germans were able to break through the Ardennes forest, which the French had left lightly defended, believing it to be impassable. At this point, the chances of victory for the French went from slim to none and the Brits ran for the channel, while the French conscripts melted away.

It is probably fair to say that the French regular army played a substantially smaller role in the outcome of the war than did the resistance. There are quite a number of good books on this topic, and it does demonstrate that there were at least a few heroic types left in France at that point, especially because failure meant a trip along with one’s family to a concentration camp as opposed to a POW camp for soldiers.

If it isn’t yet clear why in the modern context the Europeans tend to be pacifistic, think of it this way. Everyone who had any predisposition or even willingness to fight got there chance in WWI and WWII. Given the casualty rates, it’s fair to reason that by way of selection all that would remain after two wars and ~30 million combat deaths would be the pacifists; especially when one tacks on the extra ~30 million civilian casualties in the European theater, and the total physical destruction of the continent’s infrastructure.

I?m getting really tired of typing this.

In the current context of which we are speaking, the Germans and Russians were just as outspoken in their opposition to the US policy in iraq, yet I see that most people are ignoring them. What makes France so special as to earn the “freedom fry” treatment while we continue to eat “Hamburgers”? I have theory on that but I have too much else to do…

I agree that France bashing is tired. Leave that to the morons on Jerry Springer or some other such reservoir of daytime intellect.

Which would impress your date: whopper & a coke OR soup de poisson & vin des provencale …mmm

Diesel, ya just can’t beat the French in that department.

diesel, since when is giving the world McDonalds or Burger King a good thing? The combined might of cheap grease has only contributed to the fattening of society.

I’m with kuri on this one…
French food rocks!
No getting around it. American food would suck ass if not for French influence (mmm more boiled beef tonight honey!).

 E McKee, we're always on opposite sides of the string. I''ll give it to you though - that's a damn good post.

 Whoever asked about burger king - it's a fuckin reply.

 As for France - I'm not bashing France. I'm humouring France. There's a difference. One of them being France is a hot pot for humour at the moment. 

you know what diesel, your post completely failed to make any sense.