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France Trying for a Makeover?


Heading up 2 recent military interventions, banning the burkha, is France trying to reform its image from surrender monkeys to international tough guy?


One thing I learned when I was in Paris 2 years ago, they are nasty when they get mean.


lol that's for sure. A lot of the time they are much more hospitable than people let on, but good god can they be assholes.


The Burkha ban makes sense to me. I also like their no tolerance policy. Either abide by the rules or GTFO.


Their empire was an incredibly brutal one - just look at the torture enacted in Algeria (learning tricks from the Gestapo). The French still maintain a military presence in West Africa that the British by comparison, do not.

The Burkha ban is because Sarkozy has lost ground to the national front. Also a great deal of oil from Libya goes to France. Geopolitics at its finest


Good points. French history is full of brutality and bloodshed (as is the history of every nation).

The headlines coming out of France in recent weeks do seem to mark a shift away from French geopolitics of the last decade though (or at least their professed ideology with regard to such).


France and Italy Will Also Send Advisers to Libya Rebels

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.