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France Preparing to Attack Iran


From CNN:

"PARIS, France (AP) -- France's foreign minister warned Sunday that the world should prepare for war if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and said European leaders were considering their own economic sanctions against the Islamic country.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner called for more effective sanctions on Iran.

Negotiations and two sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions have failed to persuade Iran to stop its uranium enrichment program, a process that can produce fuel for nuclear power plants as well as material used in atomic weapons.

Iran insists its atomic activities are aimed only at producing energy, but the U.S., its European allies and other world powers suspect Iranian authorities of seeking nuclear weapons.

Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, speaking on RTL radio, called for "more effective sanctions" against Iran if it continues to resist the demands to suspend uranium enrichment.

"We will not accept that such a bomb is made. We must prepare ourselves for the worst," he said, specifying that could mean a war. He did not elaborate on what kind of preparations that would entail."

It won't be long now. This may also explain why the price of oil has been rising --- people are stocking up ahead of the war about to begin.

Once the entire Middle East is conquered, the world should enjoy a new golden age of cheap energy.


Intersting. I still believe that Iran, and the middle east region in general, is simmering just ready to blow.

Wait and see.


France=Balls? Who'd a thunk it. Better them then us. Let them handle the wackos for a change.


The knowledge of the world of an average Ann Coulter fan..


That any nation (or group of nations) has the right to impose "sanctions" on another nation is ridiculous.

I wonder how many would support America having sanctions imposed on it...


So how would you approach a situation such as this? Do you preffer direct intervention?, or are you implying that Iran should be free to develop a nuclear program unimpeded?


I dunno. Was America free to develop a nuclear program unimpeded?


That anyone thinks sanctions is a right is ridiculous.


Was the US right in imposing sanctions on Japan before WW2 or should we have sold them oil to fuel their murderous war machine?


"For the second time in recent days, a Fox News host asked Ann Coulter what she would do if she were president. Coulter's most recent reply -- during a discussion on Sean Hannity's radio show of Iran's potential development of nuclear weapons -- was that she would "carpet-bomb them so they can't build a transistor radio" much less a nuclear weapon."


Go get 'em, Annie!!


What non-US countries would you support imposing sanctions on the US, without the consultation or consent of the US?


A) The French are prepared to attack if they get Nuclear Weapons. Not because they randomly heard from some guy in a prison somewhere who'd been tortured that their might be weapons of some sort somewhere in Iran maybe.

B) Anne Coulter is a fucking joke, and even she knows it.


Far better to trust the Iranians with our future; they're peaceful and gentle neighbors. They'd never THINK of unleashing weapons on others, like those IEDs in Iraq...uh...wait a minute...


And you called me stupid?

What in the holy fuck does that question even mean?

Is English your first language? God I hope not.


Not allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons, is alot like not allowing mentally unstable people to purchase guns. Do you really want Iran to have nuclear weapons? I sure as hell don't.


France? Wait a minute, do they even have a standing militry force?

'Nuff said.


You really are clueless aren't you?


And you're proving me right.

I'll write this slow because I get the impression you dont read fast.

Several countries that do not include Iran (non-Iran) are attempting to impose sanctions on Iran, without consulting Iran or getting the consent of Iran.

I was asking if Zap would be comfortable with the same happening to America.

Understand now?


Not at all.

But hell, go ahead an enlighten me about why its OK for (some) countries to decide who can have what type of weapons.

If you support sanctions on Iran (or Iraq, or any other nation on this planet) [imposed by other countries], then you should support sanctions on America [as decided by other countries].



Enough to wipe you out.