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France Goes Nuts

Here is a poster from the latest French anti-smoking campaign.

People in France are getting pissed off.
Particularly a feminist group called Guard Bitches (no I’m not making that up) who have deemed the campaign to be “inadmissable”.

Full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/french-in-uproar-over-oral-sex-antismoking-posters-1908559.html

Too funny, like the young chicks who smoke are worried about appearing submissive. Interesting how on the pics of the boys, the male was wearing a suit jacket, somewhat obscuring the crotch area compared to the girl.

I think they should have contacted TC for guidance to make it look more real.

Women being submissive is a bad thing now?

I thought everyone knew the adage of, “If they smoke, they poke”.

“In the popular imagination, oral sex is the perfect symbol of submission.”

Oh is that so?