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France ban boycott


I couldn't find any link in english so you will have to take my words on this.

France Minister of Justice has just forbidden us to call for boycott on foreign products.

it is now considered a "public incitement to discrimination".

you can now be fined of 45 000 euros and/or sent to prison for publicly saying "don't buy chinese toys".


Didn't your country also make it an offence to deny the Armenian holocaust/slaughter

The French have a 'laissez-faire' attitude (pardon the pun) to Freedom of Speech that our government here unfortunately shares


UK police forcing some kids out of McDonalds and into the 'kettle' where they penned in the protesters: http://london.indymedia.org.uk/videos/6120

Fucking disgraceful.


I had some friends on that march and they were treated abominably by the police. There had been a violent minority the week before but this lot were held and charged against


In addition they (demonstrators) were let out one by one out of the 'kettle' and photographed by the police as they did so for protesting!. at least they didn't get DNA swabbed, which, if it had been under the labour government, they no doubt would have.....


Yeah, I read that story about the mounted poilce the other day, I was disgusted. The one good thing is that they've not managed to kill anyone this time.


thats fucked up ( pardon my language ). Are anyone in your country going to protest this?