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Fragmented Training - Worth It?


Again, keeping true to form, this is likely gonna sound nooby- so Im sorry and appreciate whatever feedback I can get.

Say you’re halfway through a session and you get a callout you cant avoid; be it work, family emergency, whatever- you have to up and leave the gym at that moment.

Is it a case of just get back in the gym as soon as poss, accept you might have to waste a little more time re-warming up and getting back there, but more or less you’re good to go without sacrificing much of the whole workout’s efficacy? Or is that going to have a serios effect on the quality of your day’s exercise; and if so, why (beyond the fact you’re probably going to be a little more tired by the time you re-enter the gym).

Thanks again guys; this is by far the best bodybuilding forum I have seen.


Honestly, one day of training isn’t going to have much impact, regardless of what happens. It’s what occurs over consistent training periods thay matter.

Sometimes, I finish the workout. Other times, not.


Going along with what @T3hPwnisher said, this is why proper exercise sequencing is important. As in warm-up, main lifts, supplemental lifts, assistance work, minor isolation, ect. If your session say gets cut to 20 minutes, at least you’ve gotten in the meat & potatoes of what you needed to do. Also if I’m running low on time, I’ll turn to intensity techniques like drop-sets, rest-pause sets, to nene up for lost volume


I have a job that frequently calls me in, not to mention school, wife, kid, and etc. I don’t know which program you are using, but I would tell you to switch over to a Brook Kubik type of approach. Train very hard, but only 2-3 per week. If you miss a session no big deal, just be flexible and go hard when you can. For me, being forced to skip a session, often helps, because the extra day or two of recovery is great.