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Fragile Rotator Cuffs & Training Shoulders

what shoulder routines would u recommend since roater cuffs are fragile.

is military press and behind the neck press really bad for yas? thanks

Instead of going around rotator cuff weakness, you could try fixing it.

I don’t how it affects you, but they bother the shit out of me. I remember doing cuban presses with moderate weight, forward raises with a weight you can do 6-8 times, and some slow cable cross-body curls with light weight helped out my delts a lot. You’re probably not going to see any gains, but that’s not the goal.

no one?

what should i do for shoulders …anyone?

If your shoulders are bothering you, you should see a doctor. If you are worrying that you MIGHT hurt your shoulders by lifting weights, then you should do things to make sure your rotator cuff is stable enough to lift heavy weights.

You should do face pulls, internal rotations, external rotations, and cuban presses every time you do shoulder or chest work. EVERY time, no exception. One set of each is enough, just use light weights and do 15-20 reps of each to get warmed up. Then warm up well for your heaviest exercise. Military Press is fine, Behind Neck Press is ok if you keep the bar above your ears, you can do heavy dumbbell presses, whatever.

If you don’t lift heavy weights, you won’t build big shoulders. There is NO easier way. Lift heavy or have little shoulders, your choice.

But I suspect that once you get your rotator cuff stable you’ll find it easier to lift heavier weights.

ok thank u gang appreciate it . i will look up those exercises …just trying to biuld a good routine . tired of having pooch. lol

Are yours fragile or are you worried about doing stuff that may injure yourself?

Read Robertson’s shoulder saver series.

If you’re worried about injuring yourself IMO the most “dangerous” exercises are upright row, guillotine press and dips.

Hell, all of the exercises that we do to build muscle are somewhat ‘dangerous’ and add to the risk of ‘injuring’ you when you perform them. If you are going to not do exercises that can cause you injury, well, good luck with that.

The fact that the weight you are lifting is ‘dangerous’ is the stimulus required to build enough muscle to comfortably and powerfully lift it.