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Fractured Vetebrae Without Realizing?

Recently I have had some mild abdominal discomfort. It feels like my ribcage has been brought closer to my pelvis, and is slightly squashing some organs.

One way this can happen is that if your spine loses height by fracturing a vertebrae.

However, I haven’t really had any significant back pains, and I don’t do any exercise that directly puts weight on my spine. And I don’t have osteoporosis.

But still, is it possible to have fractured vertebrae without knowing?

With the all due respect, please google “hypochondria”.


[quote]theBird wrote:
With the all due respect, please google “hypochondria”.


I think the fact that you’re asking random people on the internet about this rather than going to see a doctor should say something about how bad this situation is.

That said, going from previous posts you’ve made, I can say that when I put my lumbar spine into flexion my ribcage gets closer to my pelvis. Come to think of it, I’d like to actually see a side on pic of your spine in its normal position.

A fracture won’t cause a a change in height, it’s a crack. Intervertebral discs are only a few mm thick and I doubt you’d notice that.

Should have titled this “Very pathetic attempt for attention thread”

Why would I seek attention in this way?

For those of you who have herniated discs, do you get a squeezing sensation in your abs/hip as well?