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Fractured Radius Pre-Contest


I dont post much, if at all but i could really use your help

I am 8 weeks out from a contest on the 5th of november (my birthday) and i broke my arm yesterday. So the problem i ave now is that I cant use my right hand or sweat as the cast will disintergrate

do you reckon this contest is still possible?

and how do reckon i go about it now?


Wow,.. I don't know how you can avoid sweating, but if you can't hold things with your hand, you can still find certain machines, or even isometric work to TRY and hold onto some muscle while relying on your diet to dial in your conditioning.

My brother competed this last April, and about a month out, completely detached his labrum (he had a partial tear that had scarred over, and the scar tissue finally gave way). Obviously most shoulder and chest work was out, so we did what we could, and counted on his diet and cardio to dial him in as best as we could. Luckily he had a good amount of mass to start with, and he won his weight class. Honestly though, I'm still amazed that we brought him across the finish like as well as we did.

Just keep in mind that it's all about being able to doing ANYTHING so your body doesn't reabsorb the tissue, and don't do anything stupid! :slight_smile:



Sorry to hear.

I wouldn't worry about the sweating in the cast. It's not going to suddenly crumble overnight. At worst you can get it changed but assuming about 6 weeks I would be worrying about the smell more :wink: .

As far as training goes I can't think of anything magical outside of common sense with this one i am afraid.



I'm going to take a different view of things.
Perhaps you should take this as a sign not to compete. Maybe you're not really ready. The injury is keeping you sidelined, but what follows is usually a great motivation as well as getting things into perspective and focus.

Sometimes things beyond our control help us see better, and subsequently set a newer and better course for success.


I agree with Iron Dwarf, maybe this is a sign to forgo the comp. I feel bad for you mate, total downer, keep motivated and focus on the next one.


So I got my cast off today. The fracture (not break) wasn't as serious as they first thought

My display pic is my current condition (taken today)

In the recent 2 weeks I have taken soo many BCAA's it's ridiculous and I reckon it's worked. I don't think I have lost much, if any muscle.

So the contest is back on!


I was expecting you to be bigger.


on the Right was Oct 2010


K not to skip the broken arm thing but your current condition is you on the left in those pics? Congrats on the fat loss but really, if that's how you look right now you shouldn't compete yet.