Fractured My Shoulder Training WTF

Thought this would be appropriate here.

Injured my shoulder about ten days ago training, was pretty sure I just strained part of my AC Joint that I have chronic issues with since an injury in 2003.

It was not healing and hurting pretty bad still so I get an X-ray Rec from the ER I work in and WTF!! I have a fracture.
Looks like I pulled a tendon so hard instead of tearing it pulled a piece of the bone off with it on the top of my Humerous.

I remember lifting the DB and when I got to the top I felt a harsh sharp pain and then stopped after the third rep thinking this is not right.

Get a CT Scan on Monday.

Taking prednisone or such?


[quote]KSman wrote:
Taking prednisone or such?


No Drugs, this was from HIT training and a previous injury.

Hey rough break…

what do you get the CT scan results?
I broke my right clavicle and tore up the ac joint to boot grade two.
Yes its different from your injury…but similar enough

I ended up not getting surgery- its not always needed for that, what you have might need reattachment
I am no Dr.

Wore a sling then a figure 8 and slept sitting up for several weeks
some PT Lots of band work -its ok but left me some chronic pain that I have to watch.
I can no longer do some stuff, but I am not a big bencher to begin with , I mean more things like
lateral raises, pin presses, some kinds of bench work, and some pulls, and OH work too.

Not trying to paint a bleak picture- see what your dr says or get referrals and see who can help and what they recommend.

Years back ,i had the little acromiun? bone that comes over end of clavicle snap off doing benches with straight bar.when i used dumbells my shoulder did’nt bother me but straight bar did.i worked around it for years doing everything except bench and incline,till i finally was tired of neck and upper back muscles being tight and hurting all the time.they took out acromiun and filed off end of clavicle.eventually after 3-4 yrs all pain was gone in shoulder.surgeon said being our clavicles arent the exact same length,it put to much torque on the side that snapped.If i would have stuck with dumbells, probably wouldnt have happened.Good Luck with your shoulder.

No CT yet, but two doc think I won’t need surgery and the bone fragment will be absorbed but I will be left with that piece of Tenhdon not attached, so thus some deficit…basically just a worse shoulder from the seven years its already been…I can live with that.