Fractured Humerus Healed Still Clicking

So Its has been 8 month since i fractured both my humerus bones I just got x rays. My left arm healed fine. But my right arm in the x ray it shows a small little bump that can’t be seen with the human eye so i can’t have surgery done on it the doctor says.

The doctor said i don’t have arthritis and that he doesn’t for sure know why i feel a clicking on certain exercises like tricep push downs. He recommends I stay away from extremely heavy lifting for another 4 months. I can go up to about 50 pounds on tricep push downs after proper warm up and that’s when i feel a click every once in a while. Not painful just scary because I don’t want to hurt myself worse and have the stupid attitude of just hoping for the best and continuing.

So I have a couple questions. Does any one have any recommendations on how i can maybe stop the clicking or lessen it I really don’t care if its steroids like deca or hgh or supplements. And also I would really appreciate it if any one knew how I can build my chest up without going extreme ally heavy. I mean i can probably do 100 pounds at the max without causing damage maybe a little more. Should i just try to do 100 reps on chest workouts and focus on contractions towards the end with heavy stretching? The bones are healed now 100 percent I did have a former thread about steroids and bone density this is more geared towards a undetectable by sight bone growth between my elbow joints on my humerus bone causing a popping when heavy weight is applied. Ironically though it is worse in pushing down motions which separate the bones like tricep push downs not as much on compression movements like front delt workouts. Id like to thank anyone who took the time to read this and any advice will be much appreciated! If any one is interested Victor martinez will be answering this question in the april issue of muscular development in his column for me to the magazine said but i have to wait a month.