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Fractured Calcaneus... Going Crazy


i can't do cardio. i cant squat, dead, do much involving DBs b/c i can't carry them to a bench on crutches. too much pride to ask others for help (yeah i know, i'm getting over that b/c i can't stick with machines for the next 3 months). basically i'm gimped out. and losing my mind.

sooo those who have had hip/foot/leg injuries... what did you do in the gym? what did you do for cardio? i've been biking for 15m a day, but def not enough to work up a sweat and honestly...i probably shouldn't be doing it at all. could swim, but don't have access to a pool right now.

need leg day ideas as well. i feel like i'm stuck with ham curls and extensions, but truthfully, i dont know if i should even be doing them. no insurance, no proper diagnosis (just xrays), no clue what i should/shouldn't be doing other than keeping weight off it.

yes, could be worse... but this sucks.


How far did you fall? Normally calcaneus Fractures are from falling. Really sucks, personally I cant think of an excercise for you. Good luck.



That' pretty sucky--I bet you're in alot of pain, no? What are your plans as far as taking care of the injury at this point? I'm guessing you went to the emergency room since you don't have insurance?

I just ask because you didn't mention if you were gonna have surgery or not. I know how frustrating it can be to get injured and have your training get all screwed up (i was in a motorcycle wreck and basically couldn't train for 2 months--lost almost 20 lbs), but don't do anything to risk your health. Figure out how to rehab yourself properly or you will regret it.

Sorry I don't really have anything useful--not alot of freeweight stuff you can do with a broken heel. Just train however you can without hurting yourself. I know there are several medical professionals who post here regularly--hopefully one of them will pop in and offer some more solid advice.

Good luck, dear :slightly_smiling:


ty. i fell about 20'.. according to the xray its a relatively clean crack, didn't shatter so i'm fairly certain i don't need surgery. went to emergency medical center (not emergency room b/c i know that would have cost a fortune) for the xrays and i'm finally seeing a specialist tomorrow who is willing to work out a payment plan with me.

pain is tolerable---so long as i dont try to put any pressure on the heel. driving a manual car is not so easy (left foot) but probably the only time there is any pressure on the foot.

i'm ok with doing mostly upper body for workouts.. not doing cardio is killing me. i swear i feel the weight gain. i was very active before, not a cardio bunny or anything but at least 20m 5 days a week and snowboarding every weekend. its probably more of a mindfuck than anything at this point, and i'm keeping my diet in check, but sitting on my ass for the better part of the day is not fun.

tmag needs an article for gimps like me.



I would not recommend do anything related to calf work, both the gastrocnemius and soleus attach at the Achilles tendon. You would be adding strain which is not a good idea when trying to heal. I would also suggest to not stretch your calves either, not until your doc says so.

If you can find a hand bike like the one I pictured here, it can help with cardio. You can adjust the resistance on it making it harder, not to mention giving you a good workout in your arms and shoulders.


I used to work in a cardic rehab facility and we used these. Honestly they do not get your HR up much, really geared for geriatric populace. But everything else you said is dead on.


thanks all... i'm lifting at planet fitness (unemployed...don't judge!) so they don't have the geri hand bikes. they do have recumbant and i just got a CAM walker so i'm gonna see if i can work with that for cardio. was doing it in sneakers before and could def feel stress on the heel. it's leg day today. guess im stuck with extentions & curls and just have to accept it.

on a positive note, did upper yesterday & benched 95# with a barbell...which i haven't done in 5 yrs. yeah the weight isn't all that impressive but for me it is. also did 2 unassisted 1-arm pull ups. my upper body is jacked to begin with, so can't imagine what its going to look like after 2+ months of this--barring any weight gain.

...add complete lack of body symmetry to the list of things constantly on the back of my mind. i feel selfish as hell thinking this shit b/c i could be so much worse off.


You can also do upper body work and lower your rest intervals. You can get a good cardio workout that way too. If you try that, you might want to go with machines, that way you don't have to run the risk of balancing anything and can move from exercise to exercise quickly.