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Fractured Ankle - Trying to Stay in Shape

Hey Nation, I recently fractured my fibula, so thankfully it’s not a major injury. That being said, I can’t bear much weight with it until it’s healed.

I feel that leg and most of the worthwhile exercises (deadlift, squat, cleans, overhead press, etc) are not feasible due to the fact that I can’t bear weight on my right ankle.

Can anyone suggest to me some exercises that will help me stay in shape while I’m on crutches and unable to do my staple exercises? Don’t be afraid to suggest leg exercises that are plausible with a walking boot ( http://orthopedics.about.com/b/2008/01/26/walking-boots.htm )

I’d like to stay away from dips seeing as that’s basically what I do all day by supporting my weight (plus my backpack - usually filled all the way with books) on crutches. Other than that, I’m open to any suggestions and they are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

If I were you, personally (I was in this exact same situation about a year and a half ago) I would stick to anything seated, lying, or for upper body only where you can shift the weight to one leg and not have too much of an issue (say, shrugs, etc). DO NOT start working lower body with only your good leg or you’re going to wind up with a shitty ass imbalance that will cause another injury down the road.

Best of luck, and heal fast!


I would go to using machines. And specialize on upper body mass.

Do like, a set for quads and hams each, and then go straight into some serious push/pull upper body work. Might as well take advantage of the time and work on your bench and pullup, right?