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Fracked? High Liver Enzymes

Alkaline Phosphatase 151 (40-115)H
Intestinal 0% (<18% Normal)
Bone Isoenzymes 85 (23-62%) H
Live Isoenzymes 15 (38-72%) L
AST 25 (10-40)
ALT 34 (9-60 U/L)
BUN 23 (7-25 mg)
Creatinine .9 (.5-1.3mg) (I was deloading creatine so my ratio (calc) is high)

21 y/o.

Doc wants me to come in again. I had some other tests that came up high but I don’t think they have much relation to (T3,IGF-1, DHEA-S) this test. This is the 2nd time they have come up high and I wasn’t dehydrated - drank 32 oz of water and had an 8am draw.

I hope Dave Barr or someone else with experience/knowledge can guide me on this one.