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Fr3ddi3's Log for a New Era


Greetings TN-Loggers!
I figured it was time to start logging outside my own head. A brief background; i've been a creational lifter for many years, only the last year in wich i've out more thought into my workouts and having a plan for what i was supposed to do at the gym. Partially thanks to T-Nation and the inspiration i've gotten from the time spendt reading here.

I'm 28 y.o. 5feet6 and wheying in about 195 ponds (173 cm and 89kilos)
some measurements:
upperarm 35,5 cm
forearm 31,5 cm
thigh 59 cm
calfs 42 cm
gut 99 cm
neck 40 cm
chest 107 cm

Goal: First in line is getting that BF% down (don't have a caliper atm so not sure, but it's way over the limit:p)
Tools of the trade for this goal:
HIIT and Complexes for fatloss (tried these and fell in love)

normal workout is a 4 day split,
mon: back/tri
tue: chest/bi
wen: off
thu: Shoulders/abs
fri: legs

so first workout is today.

Mornings: 2xscoop 100% whey mixed with flaxseeds and oathbran in the blender with a fistfull of walnuts
omega3, cla, mulitvit.
Lunch: 2 scoops 100%whey and a fruit.
dinner: if not a solid meal it's another 2 scoops 100%whey.
post workout: 2 scoops 100%whey, 5xBCAA's (or amino-liquid)
last meal: 1 scoop Casein mixed with water.

sometimes i throw in a snack meal if lunch and dinner is too far appart, either a fistfull nuts'n'berries or 1 scoop of 100%whey.

oki, think i covered it all, both background and goal one. this program lasts for 4 weeks. i'll be posting some rather embarrasing pics later today and then at the end. ^_^


If it was me I would add more solid foods to your diet and you could probably get away with quite a few more calories, I would say your diet is definitely under 1500 calories, that's not a lot of food man a few of my girlfriends use the same amount to diet down and they're not 195lbs. Just a suggestion no offence was intended man.


i calculated this to be 1950+ kcals. i probably eat more than i wrote down.
2 scoops is 229 kcal, 2 morning, 2 lunch, 2 dinner, 1-2 at night and snack. 10 scoops. thats 1k from powder alone. bcaa's, fruit / nuts. oh and i forgot to mention that i mix all my shakes with milk instead of water except for the night one. about 1 liter of milk a day, 460kcal. i could probably juice up my breakfast some more. the reason i add milk is it sooths the stomack. and a good scource of calcium.

thnx for the comment tho^_^ need more observant ppl.


Workout today:

complexes for starters (yeh sounded wierd but the article supported it and it was a rather nice warmup, tho exhausting)
5 sets 5 reps:
Bent Over Barbell Row
Hang Clean
Front Squat + Push Press Hybrid
Jump Squat (bar on back)
Good Morning

sat down in the lounge area in the gym and felt obliterated.

Back and tri today: (maintainance workout, had a deloading week so starting low)
Chinups: i'm weak and doing 5 sets of 3 reps atm. no help or added weight.
lat pulldowns 3x10 60/65/70kg
1-arm rows 3x10 26/26/26kg
deadlift 5x5 85/85/85kg

dips BW only 3x10
tricep cable pushdown 3x15 20/25/30

workout shake + banana and an apple. +BCAA


Ah my bad man, yeah if i was you I'd probably go around 2000 as well you should do well with that:D And yeah I used to be a fan of complexes, try this one I think the idea came from Dan John:

Hang clean to push press
front squat
decline push up
Elbows to knees

do them all 10 times then 9 then 8 etc until you get to 1 rep each exercise, this isn't a warm up it will wipe you out if you use a decent weight. If you do it all you'll have done each exercise 55 times I think it's called the Big 5 55.

Hope this helps man


ahh thnx alot! i've found quite alot of complex workouts that i wanna try. hey, might aswell do a new one every workout as it's not a building workout.
that complex looks like it'll whipe me out^_^


workout today: Straight HIIT at 6:30 before breakfast. absolutely tore me appart.

breakfast: 2 scoops 100%whey + 100ish g of broccoli in a blender. (strange color) and some walnuts and some connamon for taste. omega 3 + cla + 5xbcaa's + multivitamins. and a tablespoon of olive oil.
lunch: 2 scoops 100% whey and 1 scoop casein (dinner in 5 hours and no time for snack due to work)
dinner : 2 slices of pizza (yeh i know, but all in all homemade with fresh tomatoes (for sauce) and beef + cheese)
snack: 1 scoop 100%whey
tonight: casein.


morning, driving to sweden for my fathers funeral on thuesday. got alot to do but i'll post the HIIT sessions. not sure if i'm lucky enuff to find a gym, if i do it's complexes.

morning shake: 2 scoops 100%whey, broccoli 100ish g, flaxseeds, omega 3, cla, multivit and 5xbcaa's.
rest of my meals will be shakes since i'm gonna be in a car for the next 8 hours.


Workout today: HIIT before breakfast

Breakfast: egg and bacon + 2 scoops of 100% whey w/cinnamon.
rest of the day is 2 scoop shakes. and a solid meal with the family after the funeral.


no entry yesterday, funeral and all. was in a car for a total of 8 hours. but had 4 shakes readymade and water is everywhere so i made it trough. 1 solid meal, elk-stew, was delichious with salad.

today i did a 45 min walk b4 breakfast.
breakfast: 2 scoops 100%whey, fishoil, grinded flaxseeds. multivit and 5xBCAA's.
lunch: chicken salad (no sauce or anything)
dinner: BBQ with family and some friends, beef with salad.
snack: 2 scoops 100% whey + fishoil
b4 bedtime: 1 scoop casein.

hopefully on monday i'll be able to do some lifting again, researched and found a gym 20 min drive from here, YAY! gonna test out Blackdaggar's brutal complex. and i'm dragging my punk lil brother with me aswell so i can put him trough the same as me hehe.


Bro I am so sorry to hear about your father...Good luck with everything


thn man, appriciate it. hence the lazy week down in sweeden.

17th of may today, norwegian "independance day" hehe, luckily i'm in sweeden and don't need to dress up and march all day while singing the national hymn. rather just embrace the sunday and have some energy systems work in the evening.

breakfast: 2 scoops 100% whey, fishoil, 5xbcaa, multi, 1 tablespoon olive oil, banana, apple and an orange.
lunch: going out with the folks so i'll have a salad of some sort.
dinner: BBQ, lean meat and salad is the plan. take 2 fishoil caps. lo-carb monster.
snack: 2 scoops 100% whey w/cinnamon.
evening/night: 1 scoop casein


todays workout:
was a shabby gym but it was atleast something.

blackdaggers tip. (took it to the 5 rep set and then went to the pool)
Hang clean to push press 25kgx10,8,7,6,5
front squat 25kgx10,8,7,6,5
decline push up BWx10,8,7,6,5
Deadlift 55kgx10,8,7,6,5
Elbows to knees x10,8,7,6,5

comment: yes this certanly did exhaust me, on the 5 rep set there wasn't much left. took 30 sec pause between each complex.

then went to the pool and did 10 laps (25m long pool) so 250m then had some fun ^_^


the current state of me


another pic


the current state of things


workout that i did yesterday.
another round of complexes 4x6rep 100pounds (recorded and link posted below)

meals has been as usual, haven't posted since i've been away for a few but still eating my usual.


45 min run before breakfast. it's getting easier to run and maintain speed over periods of time.


wheyed myself today: 195 - 183 ponds (89 - 83kilos) so something has dissapeared.

some measurements: Old - new (difference)
upperarm 35,5 - 34 cm (-1.5 cm)
forearm 31,5 - 31 cm (-0.5cm)
thigh 59 - 57 cm (-2cm)
calfs 42 - 39 cm (-3cm)
gut 99 - 93 cm (-6cm)
neck 40 - 38 cm (-2cm)
chest 107 - 107 cm (0)


forgot to write down yesterday's workout. appart from the morning run.

did 5x5 and in a giant sets.
BB benchpress : 80, 80, 80, 85, 85
Chinups (palms facing away) : BW for 2x5, then 3x5 lat pulldown (75, 70, 70)
deadlift : 90, 90, 90, 90, 90
bendtover rows : 60, 60, 60, 60, 60

first time doing giant sets. i usualy do 60-90 secs break between sets, i kept it between 10-20 secs this time. and the pain today signalizes something out of the ordinary was done.

BB benchpress: i've been a strict form presser allways, not nessesarily a strong one. but after reading the Bench-guide by Dave Tate i managed to squeeze out just a lil more. I was suprised to manage 80 on the first 3 sets, but 85 at the last two. thats the biggest challenge my chest has ever had. mind you i have some trouble with mind - muscle connection so i do some flyes b4 i bench to connect better.

as for chinups, the reduced BW has made thisone easier. still not a full BW 5x5, mabye some other time.