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Fox Viewers Less Informed Than No News


Can't say I'm shocked. But it's still funny.

"The poll focused partly on popular uprisings in Egypt and Syria. Asked whether the people of Egypt successfully topped Hosni Mubarakâ??s regime, 49 percent of Fox News viewers answered â??yesâ?? â?? the lowest on the scale â?? while 68 percent of NPR listeners answered in the affirmative, the highest on the scale.

Those who watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart performed well on the questions. Sixty percent of Daily Show viewers correctly answered that opposition forces in Syria have not yet toppled the government, second only to NPR. Forty-five percent of Fox News viewers answered â??no.â??"


A poll of "612 adults statewide(NJ) was underwritten by WFDU-FM Radio and conducted by telephone using both landlines and cell phones from Oct. 17 through Oct. 23, 2011"


  • Americans now have more ways than ever before to get their news about politics and world affairs. I?m going to read you a list of news sources. As I read the list, just say "yes" if you got newsfrom that source any time in the past week:

FOX News(64% said yes)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart(18% said yes)

Example of misleading question:

"To the best of your knowledge, have the opposition groups protesting in Egypt been successful inbringing down the regime there?"

Do they mean Hosni Mubarak or the Army? What "regime?" Of the 110 people from New Jersey who said "Yes" to watching the Daily Show in the last week, 74 of them answered "yes" to the above question. Of the 398 people from New Jersey who said "Yes" to watching FOX News in the last week, 198 of them answered "yes" to the above question.

These sorts of polls are bullshit.


The other catch is that whether the people "did it" is debatable. Lots of other countries helped.

Polls like this are designed to find a specific result.


The result is probably because Fox News viewers know the Islamist revolt in Eqypt was not "successful," but rather a huge step backwards toward a terrorist Islamist state --- the first thing now happening is the ethnic cleansing (read: murder) of the Berber Coptic Christian community.

The terrorist and Islamist cheerleaders on NPR, however, probably see the rampant murder and persecution of Christians (and the impending war with Israel) as a good thing, to the extent the know about it at all.


and extremely biased.


Come on now Mol.....you dropped your mad, fresh knowledge on this thread and then don't stick around to defend it?

Can't say I'm shocked...but it's still funny.


Why are these polls bullshit? Because you don't like the results? This is not the first poll that shows Fox viewers to be the least informed viewers. And it's patently obviously why this is. The goal of Fox News is to mislead it's viewers with their propaganda.

Though I do concede that the concrete question about the regime change in Egypt should have been worded more clearly. But this wasn't the only question, and this isn't the only poll that shows this result.


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Come on now. I conceded that one of the questions should have been worded differently. I did read the responses. But I don't think that makes the whole poll, or others like it bullshit.


It's nothing to do with the 'results' of the poll. These telephone polls are done by market research companies. They're ridiculous. They have to make 10 times as many calls as people needed for the poll because only odd people want to take unsoliticited surveys over the telephone. Half of them don't even understand the questions. The questions are almost always poorly worded, open to misinterpretation etc. They often begin with "leading" statements usually read by people with poor literacy.

And 680 people from New Jersey is hardly a broad, representative sample of FOX News and Jon Stewart's audience. This is some pseudo-academic's little chance to get his name in the papers and establish his left-wing social sciences cred.


Yeah these polls are bull shit , we all know that FAUX News listeners are some of the smartest people on the planet :slight_smile:


Smarter than anyone pitching a tent in a park and making vague, unrealistic demands to 'help' the economy while destroying local businesses :slight_smile:


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You are what comes to my mind :slight_smile:


Doesn't sound like the people of Eygpt haven't been very successful. Let's see the military has taken power, the poeple are being killed beaten women raped etc, Catholics who lived peacefully for years are being murdered and the military just put a member of Mubarak's council as the new PM with more power than Mubarak had, but so long as you watch the Daily Show and don't watch the evil Fox News you're "wicked smaht"


The army always had it.

It will probably play out like in Turkey, I doubt that they really want to run the country.


Oh I know but I'm one of those "uninformed fox news viewers" even though I hardly watch Fox