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Fox News Smears Nader For Criticizing Obama


Fawning host and panel angrily proclaim end of Nader?s career, imply Nader is a racist, for failing to worship president elect

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Fox News host and his panel angrily proclaimed that Ralph Nader?s career was finished after the Independent Party candidate dared to criticize Barack Obama?s record of toadying up to corporate interests, as top liberal websites applauded Fox News for their aggressive defense of the president elect.

The corporate media?s frightening obsession with maintaining Obama?s messianic complex now apparently extends to the so-called ?right-wing? Fox News, who have eagerly picked up the baton and are right behind the mindless fervor of Obamamania - acting in lock step with the establishment left.

In the interview with Nader aired last night, Fox host Shepard Smith feigned phony righteousness in his reaction to Nader?s assertion that Obama could prove to be an ?Uncle Tom? for the corporations rather than an ?Uncle Sam? for the people.

Smith?s fake indignation, including a theatrical long pause before moronically remarking ?really?.Ralph Nader?.what was that?? looked about as genuine as a three dollar bill but was deliciously hilarious in its irony.

?Uncle Tom? is a is a pejorative for a black person who is perceived by others as behaving in a subservient manner to White American authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation.

?It?s very simple - he has gone along with corporate power from the moment he entered politics in the state senate, voted for the Wall Street bailout, supports an expanded military budget that is desired by the military-industrial complex,? said Nader, adding that Obama had toadied up to global corporations who had hijacked America with no allegiance to the country.

Smith was essentially implying that Nader, perhaps unsurpassed as America?s foremost advocate for minorities and black people, was a racist because he dared to question the cult status of Obama.

Nader stood up to Smith?s smear tactics and said he would not be bullied, which left the host open-mouthed.

One of Smith?s panel, with similar phony indignation, commented, ?That was the end of his career right there, that?s it, there?s no way that anybody gonna take him seriously after that, it?s just so offensive.?

What?s even more gut-wrenching is that the establishment liberal left website, Crooks and Liars, applauded Fox News for taking Nader to task, writing ?Good on Shepard Smith?.

That?s right - the fatuously hypocritical liberal left, after eight years of railing against Fox News for its Bush worship, is now applauding Fox News for its smears against Nader because Nader had the temerity not to immediately bow down and worship the new messiah.

I guess it?s all just a dose of the new ?change? that we?ve been told to expect - Fox News and the establishment left in alliance smearing people as racists for criticizing our new great leader - Barack ?The Messiah? Obama - and pointing him out for what he is - a corporate shill and a servant of the elite.


Umm...maybe it was his use of the phrase "Uncle Tom." Great choice of words to get a point across that obviously has nothing to do with skin color whatsoever...and Fox still sucks ass. But what a stupid thing to say at this time.


Let me state for the record that although I voted for Obama, many of Nader's criticisms are correct. In fact, Obama's first pick for his cabinet yesterday, Rahm Emanuel, proves this point. Emanuel is a fanatic free marketer, which at least suggests (not proves) that Obama is headed towards a "business as usual" administration.

That should hearten some of you conservatives....or perhaps disgust you since some of the Republican's ire against Clinton was that his so-called "triangulation" meant stealing some of the Republican's platform.

Why didn't I vote for Nader then? Well, it wasn't the practical thing to do. The Green Party needs to start winning more at the local and state level before it becomes viable at a national level. Obama, at least from my perspective, will be a slight improvement over Bush/McCain.


Uncle Tom is a loaded term and it opens him up for criticism.

Of course at this point any publicity is good publicity for Nader.


Hmmm...their beloved republicans just got destroyed and the only relevant discussion they can find is "Nader is a racist?"

At least they aren't talking about how much more awesome McCain is compared to Obama.


Nader did not run with the green party. But regardless, I always thought Nader's criticism of Obama was far more substantive than the what was coming from the republicans, which was little more than a string of guilt by associations.

Yes, it's a racially loaded term, but his point is valid and politicians need criticism. And Nader has done a better job as a watchdog on Obama and McCain than the media did this year.


But was "Uncle Tom" necessary to make his point? It was a poor choice of words no matter how you look at it.


"Uncle Tom" = "Black man not thinking how I want, and not doing what I want."


Wow...wow... For once I think I might agree with fox


Who cares? Look at the broader point he is making.

This sound bite shit is absurd.

You are more worried about policing people's language than the fact that third party candidates are effectively blacked out by the media every election cycle?

Nader's positions aren't fringe. They are held by the majority of the American people, for the most part.

Fox was absolutely classless here.


that was uncalled for...watch your language,please.


You are right. That was a freudian slip or something. Nader did run for the Peace and Freedom Party. In any case, what I said applies to any Left-of-Center alternative party.

I agree. Nader is a good watchdog. Whether you like his politics or not, look to him as a good source of critical information.


Just curious. What if McCain had said something like this?


Since when did Nader have anything relevant to say to Fox News watchers?

Fox News is going to become the troll of Washington D.C politicos now that they no longer have Bush's praises to sing.


Maybe I would be a hypocrite and slam him for it. But I don't think so. I have never been a fan of this kind of aggressive policing of language.