Fox News Mocks Canadian Military

Fucking beautiful.

I can’t believe anyone cares about a panelist discussion on Red Eye. Isn’t doug benson a comedian?

Urging Canadians to take up a late night show conversation with Obama?

One of the panelists openly admits his ignorance regarding the Canadian effort in Afghanistan. Fuck 'em.

I can’t imagine anyone on that panel actually served in the US military so I wouldn’t take the critique very seriously.

I don’t think the Canadian military has to defend itself to anyone with regards to it’s service in Afganistan. By all accounts I’ve read it’s been well regarded and appreciated by those they fought along side.

I saw this on the news this morning, and you could tell they are complete jokes, so I really don’t know why people are taking this that seriously.

Of course, they were on point where they mentioned our reliance on the US military.

It’s criminal how our country has neglected our military, and the only reason we’ve been able to do so is because of where we are in the world.

I get so pissed off sometimes it’s enough to make me a single issue voter. Of course, we still don’t have a party that would give them adequate funding so it doesn’t really matter.