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Fox News Hypocrisy


Check out the clip. It's hysterical. Fox is beyond ridiculous. Let me also say I condemn Cohen's rhetoric. But really fox, come on.


Watch the first 8 minute segment. Of course I doubt the right wingers on here will watch it, but they'll talk about how it's wrong.


8 minutes? Summarize please.


Megyn Kelly says they don't call the left nazi's, after se. cohen calls the right nazi's.

John Stewart finds clips of them referring the left as nazi's.

That is why he is on comedy central. there is a difference between a politician on the floor making that statement and a news commentator. But even further, there is hypocrisy on all news stations, that is why you look into the stories for yourself.



All TV news sucks. Why is it that some only pick on Fox and ignore the crap from MSNBC, CNN etc?


To leave material for others.



How fucking stupid can you be, to continually use some Nazi comparison, I don't care which sides does it. You never win, whoever uses it.



We have a cat in my hood that looks like him and we do call him Hitler. One day my daughter, 7 at the time got out of our car and started yelling for the cat. Hitler!!! Hitler! Pure comedy. Then I explained the name, look similarities, and WWII history to her, from a right wing, fox, rush sort of way. She does not yell his made up name anymore.

And about the clip. I'm sure any of us can find the same excerpts from the other networks of mattews, obermann maddow etc saying the same exact things because I have heard them as a viewer.....but John Stewart likes his angle too souix, same as you. It's the same reason you took this to post up. He loves punching FOX, as do you.

We already knew all this about you dude! Beating a dead horse today?


Gimme some white-out and I can take care of that cat's 'stache.


Thx dude! The point was about fox feigning outrage over cohen's statement when making nazi references seems to be fox's M.O. Real outrage about comparing anyone (other than nazis) to nazis is, of course, warranted.


As I am on my phone and it won't play the video, let me take a guess and it is full of Beck?


Yeah, I saw that bit on Jon Stewart too. The one time I watched him in probably a year. He didn't disappoint. He did one joke on one democrat and then immediately did aout 15-20 minutes on that Nazi bit. What he didn't show you was all of the times the left accused the right of being Nazi's. By the way I wonder if it's bad accusing one side or the other of being Nazi like? Especially if it's true.

By the way when you get your news from a comedian you look like an inexperienced child. But we know that you're not, so stop acting like one.

Thank you.


Don't worry big guy, I don't consider it news. It's just commentary, albeit hilarious commentary to me.


The true hilarity is one side accusing the other of doing it, when both do it. Comedic irony?


I believe the word for accusing someone of something you're guilty of yourself can be found in the thread title.


First you would have to find someone who watches those stations...


It didn't stop the OP from starting a thread about something so obvious. Let the dead horse beating continue...


NPR doesn't do it.


It's not obvious to a lot of people. Many believe that their party (republican or democrat) is basically guiltless, and only the other side are hypocrites.