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Fox News - Greatest News Channel?


Great or Greatest News Channel?


I say greatest as far as politics. They report alot of stuff most others wont. CNN is ok but still left leaning, and MSNBC you might as well just be watching Obama's video blog. I will probally get burned for saying this, but Fox really is fair and balanced.


You wont get burned, at least on this site lol



FOX News may be a lot of things...but "Fair and Balanced" isn't one.

Even with the newscast (the non-talk shows); the reporters and newscasters can't seem to hold back the cynicism and bias.






When you have to spend millions of dollars on a PR campaign and then make it your channel's slogan to try and convince everyone you're fair and balanced, you're most definitely NOT.


of course it isn't fair and balanced to a left leaning person who for some reason thinks he is moderate


Well said. It is more fair and balanced than its competition but it certainly leans right. I am thankful to have it as an option but do not pay much attention to Hannity, Coulter etc.

At least they have Stossel and Napolitano. I don't see any others like them anywhere else in any major media outlet.


Na, it simply is not fair and balanced.

I cannot stand those sneering, talking point shouting hacks.

They are like Maddow and Olberman, just in reverse.

Why cant someone just fucking read the news or at least put some thought into his commentary?


MSNBC has to be the worst. I like FOX generally but there are some shows that are way too biased and I get pissed off. CNN is OK some of the time, depends who's on, but they seem to have a lot of filler bullcrap news.

I do like Morning Joe on MSNBC, with Joe Scarborough. He is a very 'fair and balanced' show host.

Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann just fucking suck.


Haha good question. I could imagine Fox doing a phone in poll in a similar manner: Is Fox news very fair and balanced or extremely fair ond balanced?

In answer to your question: No. Although I do like it for a laugh.


It's not more fair and balanced than its competition. It leans fairly far to the right, and it's blatantly obvious. MSNBC leans far to the left, and it's blatantly obviously. CNN leans slightly to the left but it is reasonably fair and balanced. Not coincidentally, it's also doing the worst in the ratings. Most of the country doesn't want fair and balanced. They want newstainment or 'news and views.'


Ha, true. Next time I see a zinger headline on Fox I'll have to remember it and post it here.


I'll give you guys a little test.

Listen to the little "teaser" that proceeds the commercial...the one the introduces the next segment on the newscast.

IF you can predict both the tone of the segment and essentially what's going to be said before the segment even starts; OR you can't wait for it because it most likely will leave you with another "HELL YA!" moment that simply solidifies your already held beliefs...then it's unlikely (in general) to be a very fair OR balanced broadcast. It simply tells you what you want to hear.

Fox News is not "fair and balanced".

I've never watched one second of anything on "MSNBC"; so I'll take you guys word the it isn't either.

Maybe...just maybe..."fair and balanced" simply doesn't exist in todays media...and maybe it never did. And I would bet you guys a couple of Billion that Murdoch would tell you that "fair and balanced" won't make you any money.



Everyone knows where I stand politically right? I assure you that FOX News is NOT fair and balanced, at least not in the way many of you are thinking. FOX is biased toward republicans without question. However, it does seem to balance the liberal mainstream media. Before FOX arrived we had a steady drum beat of liberalism from our air waives. Now at least we have some balance and I think that's fair.

Fair enough?



With the exception of "Good Housekeeping"...when are you going to give up this myth of a pervasive "Liberal Mainstream Media" that influences all of American thought, action and politics?

Even if one concedes that at one time the media was "liberal"...conservative thought now rules the airways.

THAT is a fact.



I don't have a problem with Fox being biased right-wing, that's their slant and their niche. I have a problem with people obtaining all of their information from one news source. Obviously this isn't a problem with just Fox viewers as I'm sure there are plenty of die-hard MSNBC fanatics.

Everyone should be taking a sip of Kool-Aid from every pitcher. How else can you distinguish which is crap?


Uh, like, Fox news sux becuz it's like, all about, like, the corporations and stuff man. Like, republicans and corporate stuff, like, you know? Like, fox news is, like, roopert merdok and dick cheney and bush and stuff, and like, they just want to, like, report on, like, corporate stuff and the war man cuz they're all, like racists and stuff man that don't like obama cuz heez black and stuff man. i don't watch "faux" news (ha ha, i made a funnee) cuz im not like, racist and I voted for obama for, like, change and stuff man because i don't like the war and, like, the rich people, getting, like, tax cuts and stuff man.


What I notice most about the talking heads at MSNBC is that their entire shows are nothing but being as invective, nasty, mean, and insulting as they can to "the other side". I remember watching Maddow one afternoon for almost 5 minutes, she was giving her "expert critical analysis" of the BP oil spill and, I swear, there was about 30 seconds of actual value there - the rest was just blaming Bush and Cheney for being "incompetent" and "asleep at the wheel", and then she went on this nasty name calling tirade against the tea party and republicans.

I was floored with just how mean she was being, and what the hell the tea party had to do with any of it.

Olbermann's show is even worse. Just an hour long rant about how much he hates Bush, Limbaugh and the republican party. Not a minute goes by on his show where he isn't blaming someone for something, and calling them a nazi. He's a very sick man and in desperate need of therapy.

I wonder about the mind set of people that watch MSNBC, and I think that people that watch that network just watch because it makes them feel like they are smarter and better than everyone else. Just like with Bill Maher.


Oh...my bad, Zeb...

"Good Housekeeping" and "Family Guy".

(What the hell? Isn't "Family Guy" on FOX?)