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Fox News Basks in its Own Ignorance


Cenk Uygar destroys resident Faux douchebag Greg Gutfield for his blatant hypocrisy



Your lack of originality is overshadowed only by your poor taste in avatars.


What do you consider a reputable source for news?


I'm just trying to spread the gospel. Sorry I like curvy asses. I guess I should just change it to a mature cartoon like you.


One who is not beholden to corporate of government interests.


You post the same tired shit from the same lame site over and over. I guess I should not worry as I don't have to click the link nor pay for the bandwidth. But honestly, several times I have been relaxing, flipping through threads and my young son walks up on my side undetected till I hear him say, "Daddy, what is that lady doing with her butt?"

It is embarrassing to me and should be to you if you are a grown man. I hardly think that my simple cartoon could cause the same discomfort to anyone. After all, this is not a porn site.


Yeah,i have only heard that same tired line from you.....about a million times. You never give any specific sites or news sources besides the realnewzz. I think you don't know your own criteria and you don't want to be found out as a worse troll than you already are. How bout some OTHER examples there champ? Who do YOU consider reliable?


Okay, who is that?


But he never asks 'daddy why are you on a website with shirtless vainy men all over it?'

Just tell him she is shaking her money maker like somebody's gunna pay her.


Anybody actually watch the video?

I'll bet $50 the fat retard going on the rant is actually Zep. They seem to share the same disconnect from reality. They both seem to like to compare apples to grapes. And they both seem to think their points are unassailable.

I L'd MAO.


I don't trust ANY person whose parents hated him enough to call him ''Cenk'' in the first place.
How does one pronounce that? Why can't they have original names that people call their babies here,
like Christopher, John, Joe, or Jack?
Who or WHAT is a ''Cenk"?
That name is frightening.


I am a long time poster in PWI, you silly halfwit. Just where are you looking at all these "shirtless vainy (veiny sp?) men"

May be the gayest reply I have ever seen on PWI (not that there is anything wrong with that).


@ Zeppelin.

Keep up the good fight.


Directly to right of every listed topic in every forum, I believe his name is John Meadows.

Halfwit? Seriously? Didn't realize one needed PWI street cred to be Internet cool.


Democracy now comes to mind. What news sources do you pay attention to and do you see corporate ownership as a threat to information?


As usual, don't debate the point then when you try and make one you inadvertently help the poster. You contribute nothing of substance to any thread. Only dmaddox is worse than you.


Try The Real News or Democracy Now.


Wow what original thought.....


Can you verify that these "news sources" receive no corporate funding?

Don't worry, I won't hold my breath.


Dude, really?

By all accounts you come across as an educated, thoughtful individual capable of reason and logic, in your posts. (Assuming I don't have you confused with someone else.)

How can you possibly support, like this, someone so much your opposite? Is it simply because he parrots the talking points from your side of the isle? He literally can't make a coherent argument, source any claims or stay on topic, let alone not commit fallacy after fallacy, ad hominem his favorite...

I just don't get it.