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Fourth and Fifth Meal Suggestions

I pretty much have my diet down (food- and supplement-wise), but I’m looking to add a fourth and fifth meal/snack to the mix, one for brunch and one for after dinner but before my bedtime protein shake.

For brunch, I was thinking that a bagel w/ cream cheese (maybe without?) would suffice. For after dinner, I think fish (tuna, salmon, whatever) would be perfect. I’m already consuming a good amount of fats throughout the course of the day, so I figured a fish would fit the criteria rather nicely.

Any criticisms or suggestions?

What are your goals?

bagel w/ cream cheese may or may not be a good choice, depends on your goals and you’d want more protein than just cream cheese.

The fish is good, have some veggies with it.

Well, I’ve just begun a strength training routine, so in order to help out the muscle building process, I want to eat more without getting fat.

Right now, I stand at 5’8" 167lbs. I’m not skinny but I’m not fat, I’m a healthy in-between. My goal is to gain lean weight while keeping body fat to a minimum.

I would go with yams and chicken breast instead of a bagel w/ cream cheese.

hmm, alright. I’ll grab those on my next shopping run. thanks for the advice.