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Four60 - Newbies Part 2 Including Me


Alright so I was skimming through the threads and dawned upon Four60's. As I continued to read every other post I realized there is money in this. Everything seems to be getting so technology orientated that "basic" things people should know aren't being taught or people don't care to learn.

I'm not saying I know a lot of things and this actually kinda bugs me. I'll admit I am 20 years old and I have no clue how to change a tire.

On the flip side I am an electrician so I am very good with hands on things, and well I've always been a "practical" kinda guy...good with my hands, creative when it comes to fixing things etc.

So in this thread I want to compile a list of things I want to learn, and maybe some of you can invest the time to learn as well. I want to learn how to do these things effieciantly in the next 2 years.

1) When I was a kid I used to go fishing with my dad..I'd watch him cut it open, clean out the guts, I'd pop the "bubble" in the fish haha, and he'd skin it, cook it etc etc. but I have never done it...so that is on my list. Catch a fish, clean it, skin it, and BBQ it! I'm sure many men on this site have done this!

2) Change a tire lol

3) Learn more about cars in general...I don't know ANYTHING about cars, I just REALLY like to drive...I can parallel park great, I have no problem backing up (I can actually do this very fast and maneuver. I ALWAYS back up into the parking lots..anyways I'd definately consider myself a good driver with good skills.
But I want to learn PARTS about the car, how it works, how to change oil, blown fuses etc etc.

4) I saw welding on the list in the other thread..it would be cool to learn, but then again if I was stranded somewhere I MOST LIKELY would not have a welding machine lol. But nonetheless something cool to learn.

5) Like I said I am electrician I work in new homes (residential) and some commerical...but so I work in these homes, I drill holes in the 2 by 4's run my wires...but I've never FRAMED anything. I've obvisouly cut wound, mounted etc. But I'd like to frame something...maybe make my own shed or something. I will definaetly do this next summer. Even if it gets tore down, it'd be a fun project. And I can get wood for free.

6) My dad did a driveway TILES all by himself..I obviosuly helped...but it's amazing that he did this driveway that would cost 10 grand..it was a long time ago, someday I'd like to pull that off myself..again I'd have to learn how to do it, making everything level etc etc. Very neat.

7) Goes along with the framing..I'd like to learn how to brick something.

Okay everyone add in your own recommendations!


I’d like to get better at trigonometry and learn some calculus. I have a couple of books on trig, now I just have to work through them.


Learn more about human anatomy.

New house so some basic plumbing wouldn’t hurt them mofo’s are expensive.

Military taught us how to shoot but knowing how to dismantle A weapon.

Mind control would also be handy.


lol how come you choose these 2 topics sky?

four60 - human anatomy for sure! I always look here n there to see bones, muscles, tendon attatchments, how the shoulder works…all that stuff is very interesting

I have my gun licence, if you go to a shooting range to get your licence they teach you how to dismantle various rifles, handguns etc…a lot of fun, I gotta get out to the shooting range now that you mentioned this.

Do you mean discipline for mind control or what? elaborate lol


Is this a list of things we want to learn? Cool!

I’m currently studying to be an engineer, so there’s plenty of book lernin’ going along with that, but I’d like to learn a lot more practical stuff:

  1. All the stuff that goes into making a nice house (carpentry, electrician-y stuff, masonry, plumbing, etc…)

  2. How to raise dem veggies, and maybe some baby burnt living burnt animals fleshies.

2a) How to butcher unburnt animal flesh

  1. Everything else

There’s so much I want to learn… it’s mind boggling actually. There’s so much to learn and do in life, and yet so little time… but I digress, I’m too young to think about such heady stuff, lol.