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Four Weeks Without Alcohol


Well, I've made it four weeks now.

I just thought I would share since so many of you have been cheering for me and helping me so much along the way.

I have never felt better in my life, physically, mentally, and especially spiritually. This has been so worth it.


CONGRATULATIONS. It is great to hear that you are doing so well, and judging by the pics you posted recently it is having some nice physical effects as well.

Keep up the great work.


Now all you need to do is make it a part of your lifestyle instead of making it a phase. Counting the days shows that you're looking at it as an accomplishment of doing without something that you cannot do without. Keep counting the days and it will probably end as another phase in your life.


Feels amazing huh?

Hey, I've managed two weeks without Will Heffernan!


An addiction is an addiction. I'm proud of ya!


Four Weeks Choosing not to drink alcohol.

Keep it up. You're doing great!!!


That's swesome JB! Now just keep that same mind frame and you'll stay away from it even longer.


They say that three weeks out is the cut-off point for any habit!

Just don't go hanging around people who are drinking, and you'll be fine. At least, that's what messes me up.


Excellent job man keep it up.


Keep up the hard work. Glad to hear you are having success



Prouda ya!

Now, remember...as the pain (physical, emotional, etc.) of your last drunk fades into memory, your brain's gonna try to play tricks on you.

Here's a geat list of all the bullshit it's gonna say to you and all the things you can say back:


This is a great list; it's helped me. Don't just rely on remembering how much drinking sucked--our minds ae really good at forgetting or minimizing past pain, while playing up the "good times".

Keep it up!


That is awesome! In DC Shugart suggested wearing a rubber band around you wrist to help with difficult habits. You give yourself a HARD snap when feeling weak. Now I know alcohol is an addiction not a habit but it may serve as a helpful reminder of your strength and dedication.

Again, that is great news!



Great! That's just awesome. Mozzle mozzle. I'd tip my glass to ya but...Anywho...I'll tip my cup of coffee to ya!


Great job. I've done something similar and I'm a better Dad for it for sure.

Likewise your baby now has a better, more stable mother on his hands.


Right on man!!
I've had a life long struggle with drinking,,
Starting very young and leading to a violent and crazy life.
I once stopped drinking when I got stabed in the head in a fight ,but shortly after I fell off the boat.

I became desperate to stay sober but I just couldnt stop. Thats when I found out about a medication called Antibuse.
Its a medication that I take every day ,that causes you to get really ill if you drink "kinda like a kick in the balls if you drink ."
I'm free now living a good life got married and have a son and business.

theres more to my story so If you need to talk please fill free to PM me.
good luck and God bless you!


Way to go JP! You know how I feel about it, just do whatever you have to do. AWESOME !!!

\|/ 3Toes


Congratulations and keep it up.
It's a battle that never ends but it
does get much easier.
Don't let your guard down.


Awesome job, great strength.

Here's to four more and then four more after that.

(my toast is ice water, mind you)



Excellent! Persevere by the grace of God.



Excellent Bro!

One day at a time.