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Four Weeks to BVI Log


So I'm going sailing in four weeks to the British Virgin Islands. I've let myself get a little sloppy over the winter, and want to hit it hard (diet and training) for the next four weeks to get my six pack back... I'm 6'2" and about 200 lbs.. probably want to get down to 194 - 195. I'm sitting at probably around 10 - 11% and would like to get down to 8 - 9%.

Started the day off with a b-fast sandwich from Starbucks, but plan on being strict from here on out. I usually suck at this because I figure oh gee the day is ruined might as well eat like shit and start fresh tomorrow... but fuck that.

I leave on 6/17 and want to give myself plenty of time so I don't have to cut kcals too drastically. I've been eating around 3400 kcal/day and plan on dropping that to around 2200 kcal for the next week and reassess at that time. I'm at 700 so far today so only 1500 left.

I usually lift 5 days a week and don't do any cardio. I'm going to see how I do by just cutting kcals, but might start doing some intervals on my off days. I might add some steady state in the next week after my lifting sessions.

Here goes...