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Four Weeks In


Im about 4 weeks into another program i designed for myself. The first one had great results. I gained about 50 pounds in about 6 to 7 months.

It was basically using a body part split and 8 to 10 reps, 3 set scheme. The program this time is basically 10 to 12 with most 3 sets, but it varys. Im going to post what i did and see what you guys and gals think. Im posting this because i beleave alot of you would think im overtraining or crazy? Just my prediction. In the 4 weeks ive gained a few pounds and seen a little more seperation. ()-reps/ sets
Monday, January 22.

(Back Day)
*Behind the neck pulldown-Warmup (12)/1
*Seated rowing (12)/3
*DB rowing (10)/3
*Incline shurg (12)/3
*Cable T-bar Row (12)/3
*Cable Shurg (12)/3
*Pullups(wide) (10)/3
*Striaght arm lat pulldown (12)/3
*Barbell row (12)/3
*Longbar seated back pulldown (12)/3

*Cable Flies-Warmup (12/1)
*Flat bench (12)/3
*Incline DB (12)/3
*Decline cable (12)/3
*Pec Dec (12)/4 ( added weight each set)
*DB pullover (12)/3

*Interval running (From CT's Running man)
(60s. Jog/30s.sprint)x5

*Cable lateral raise-Warmup (12)/1
*DB Millitary Press (10)/3
*Standing Calf Raise (10)/3
*Bent over lateral (12)/3
*Seated calf raise (12)/3
*lateral raise (12)/3
*High pulley rear delt thumbs up (10)/3
*Front Raise (12)/3

Friday (rest)

*Hammer curl-Warmup (12)/1
*E-z bar tricep extention-Warmup (12)/1
*Chin upss (10)/3
*seated two handed DB Tricep extention (12)/3
*Standing barbell curl (12)/3
*cable pushdown (12)/3
*Preacher curls elbows out (10)/3
*reverse pressdown (10)/3
*Drag curl (10)/3
*Hammer grip cable Tricep pushdown (10)/3

*Bodyweight Lunges-Warmup (12each leg)/1
*Leg curls (12)/3
*Squat (atg) (10)/3
*cable deadlift (12)/3
*leg press (15)/3
*Front Squats (12)/3
*leg extentions ( 15/3)

Monday January 29 -January 9 (Basically the same with a few tweaks, Saturday Febuary 8, added reverse wrist curls and wrist curls 5 sets to failure)

Week 4
Monday Febuary 10
Upright row-Warmup (12)/1
Arnold press (10)/4
Behind the neck millitary press (12)/3
high pulley rear delt (12)/3
cable lateral raise (12)/3
1 arm db snacthed lateral (12)/3
bent over lateral (12)/4

Long bar cable row-Warmup (12)/1
Triangel bar chins (4x as many as possible)
Bent over BB row (12)/3
T-bar rowing (10)/3
seated cable row (12)/3
cable T-bar row (1x 12/10/8/6)
Lat pulldown (1x 12/10/8/15)
(Ran in afternonn) 20 minutes

Wenesday (rest)

Cable fliess-Warmup (15)/1
Incline BB (12)/3
Flat bench (10)/4 (Increase weight each set)
Decline cable (15)/3
Incline cable (12)/3
pec dec (10)/4

Friday (Today)
Squats(atg)-Warmups (15)/1
Leg curls (12)/3
ATG Squats (1x 10/8/12/10)
Cable leg curl (12)/4
Leg press (15)/3
Lunges (12)/3 (takes a real man to do lunges)
Leg extentions (12)/4
Reverse wrist curls (4sets to failure)
Wrist curls (4sets to failure)
Behind the back wrist curls (12)/3
1arm DB wrist curls (12)/3

There you go, this was followed with 3000+ calories a day, and 210+ grams protien a day. I weigh 210 and am 6 foot tall. I have saturday and sunday left to finish week 4, then im starting the GSD for about 4 to 6 weeks.

What do you guys think.I have one pic of me when i first started lifting, and i can take pics of me know if your intersted. Great transfermation story. But this isnt the program, this is one to get more seperated and bigger on. Send some opinions.


50 pounds in 6 months huh? Impressive. Post a pic so we can check out your work


Bump.Ill take one mirror pic to post up with my before pic. Im going to get my girlfriend to take some pics of me tonight so they will be better than me standing infront of a mirror, and plus her camera is like 200 dollars better than mine.




After. The pics kinda suck cause i was trying to flex. And the first was done on the phone by the way. Im white so alot of my definition was lost through the pic, along withthe lighting.


Forgot to post the image above




One more, same pose as above, just different angle.


dang, no one liked my transfermation.


Looks good. Huge difference. Although you gained some fat, that shouldnt be a problem to drop off later.

good luck


Even though I'm a schtickler for too much fat gain, I think you did a great job.

The gains you made now will stay with you for the rest of your life. Whether you decide to keep gaining or town down the fat a bit, good luck.


Nice job dude. How long do your workouts take? Those are some serious gains right there. I find it surprising that you could gain that much weight without going into the 4000 cal range, but clearly it worked.

So what was the program you used to gain most of the weight? Was it similar but with the lower rep range? I think I've just been inspired for my next program.


My workouts usually last 1 hour to an hour and a half. Ive never went into the 4000 cal range seriously. Maybe if i go to a buffet once in a whille. The program i gained all this weight on was simular but lower reps. Mostly 8 reps and 3 sets. Body part split. I rarely did cardio, which is proboly why i got some fat with it.

I try to go to failure on most body parts, depending on how i fill. I used 4 to 6 exercises per body part. Worked out 5 out of 7 days, didnt matter when the off days were, but they were usually friday and saturday, or saturday and sunday. I finished reading CT's violent variations III, and im going to incorperate alot of that into my work. You should check it out. If you have anymore questions let me know.


Thanks for the info. One more question: When you say you trained to failure, did you try and try and burn out on the last set of each exercise or did you just kill it at the end of the workout?


Most of the time i would do it on a couple of the exercises. Not all of them. Sometimes i would change it up and do it on the last exercise. Mostly like the 2nd and 4rth. and if i fill good something like 2nd, 4rth, and last exercise, be it 5th or 6th.


Nice work man. Easy to see you've made solid progress.

I followed the link in your GSD thread. So I'm assuming you've already gotten the dieting ball rolling.

But in case you haven't, there's another way to shed some extra bodyfat without dropping your kcals too drastically: just run track sprints or jump rope every other day while eating at maintenance or slightly below it. Your strength levels will remain high, that extra fat will melt right off, and your transition back to gaining will be smoother as well.


Yes, very good job. Congrats!



Nice amount of mass in a short time. How big do you plan on going?? Just keep the fat in check. I am not saying you are fat by any means.It got away from me on my bulk, then I messed up my knee and it was hard to get rid of it w/o cardio.
Keep us posted on your future progress.


Major bump
Current physique


Current Weight in these pictures are around 200 pounds, still 6 foot tall.
Strength is an issue.
Bench currently 305, most ever about 6 months ago was 315
Deadlift around 435 on a good day, got 455 too knee height. Sumo and convential are around the same.
Squat atg is 375 :frowning: in .60 raised heel lifting shoes
Incline bench: 250
Military press: 185 for 3

lol so I have alot to gain in terms of strength but it’s hard balancing out looks and strength.