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Four Week Test Prop Cycle


I plan on doing test prop 4 weeks 150mg eod
arimadex .25 mg eod
start pct 3 days after last pin
-nolva for 2 weeks 40/20

stats 5'7 175lbs 10% bodyfat
been lifting 3 years. this will be my 2nd cycle

all input welcome


waste of time


i've seen ppl gain 15-20lbs lean off of this and keep all of it. so how is it a waste?


bump-anyone else?


haha yeah bullllshit


haha well okay mr. i'm a fan of short cycles. what do you suggest?


No matter what you take, no matter what you eat, no matter how you train you will not gain 15lbs of lean tissue is 4 weeks, unless you were stuck in a cave prior to this and had to eat the leather of your belt and boots.


how about someone give me advice instead of bashing on my exaggerative statement.
i have seen ppl gain alot from these cycles but it would be a 4 week on-4week off then right back on again type thing


If you have seen people gain, and are set on it then you have your mind made up, why ask.

I would say try 6-8 weeks, 75g ED for the most stable levels as opposed to 150mg EOD.


I am a huge fan of short cycles..but 4 weeks is too short.

Something like what big s mentioned 6-8 weeks of 75-100mg test prop ed with .25-.5mg adex eod with 40/40/20/20 nolva 3 days after last injection.


6-8 weeks it is. depends on when i run out. thanks guys


...one more thing. how much does it really matter if its ed or eod? i would rather stay with eod so i wouldnt be stabbing myself every day for 6-8 weeks


It doesn't.