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Four Seasons Of Lifting & The 2A Program


Been a while since posting. My family suffered a loss so training has taken a back seat for a few months. Almost no training, eating like shit, etc.

I’m doing my favorite, Hepburn Layers, to try and get my motivation for training back. But before life kicked me in the teeth I purchased your 2A Program and then was excited about it.

I just stumbled upon your 4 seasons of lifting articles. I’m wanting to give 2019 a strong go at gaining back what I’ve lost.

2 Questions:

  • What “season” would you put the 2A program? My thoughts were either bodybuilding or track and field (not much interest in that tbh)?

  • Any sort of general advice you would lend to my situation?

Thanks Chris

Well the 2A program is actually almost like a combination of 3 seasons into one! So it’s kinda hard to pout it in one “season”… phase 1 would be more bodybuilding, phase 3 (even 2) would be more powerlifting.

Hard for me to give you any advice because your lack of motivation could come from many different things. It could simply be because as a 2A you need to have an emotional buy-in to be motivated to train and because of your loss it might be hard to get emotionally invested into something as “trivial” as training.

Or it could be an actual neurotransmitter issue due to the high amount of stress you were under for a lon time.

Maybe I’ll position it in between the bodybuilding season and powerlifting. Phase 1 starting in the 3rd month of bodybuilding.

Any theories on how to know this? Here’s a bit more info

  • I’m unmotivated… For pretty much everything.
  • I feel like I have no energy. No mater how much I sleep or do not sleep, I feel like it’s not enough.
  • I feel “foggy” pretty much all the time.
  • I find it near impossible to concentrate on anything but my work. Even then, it’s for short bouts.
  • I have been back at the gym for about 2 weeks now. My performance is ok at best. My loss of strength and endurance is understandable. I am able to concentrate on my movements and get some quality work in. But after about 45min I hit a HARD wall, it literally feels like I hit wall. Whereas before I could go and go until I got bored or felt finished.

Hopefully that’s helpful in figuring out how to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks Chris

To me these are symptoms of downgraded adrenergic system and maybe low serotonin.

The adrenergic issue can either be a desensitization of the adrenergic receptors or (more likely) dopamine depletion (dopamine is used to fabricate adrenaline… depleted dopamine = no adrenaline).

What are some things I can do/try to combat this?

You should not push your workout untill you hit the ‘‘hard wall’’ u said. Do a shorter workout 30 to 40 mins.

Take a day off between every workout, so train 4 days the first week and 3 the second, etc…

Go walk outside everyday if you can.

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