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Four months to become a soccer superstar

Talk about extreme training… I am a HS senior, 18, 5’8" 140LBs, I play basketball and soccer. I’ve been working out for a three years, not sports specific, as well as following proper nutrition. Today, I went in for a IVY league college interview and I came out with an offer: four months to step up my soccer and get accepted. I am willing to give it my all, because this is a shot I can’t pass up. I’ve been reading T-mag and the forums for a while so I know people here are extremely knowledgeable, so I come to you for help. I need : Build up endurace, speed, and agility, while putting on overall weight. How do I combine the two, putting on mass with A LOT of cardio ? Thank you everyone.

If you haven’t already, post on the Renegade Revolution forum.

Renegade-style training and Massive Eating.

Two words : Coach Davies

Coach Davies will condition your body. The best way to become a soccer superstar is to play soccer. Weight training does not equate to sports skills. Only sports skills equate to sports skills. The Coach will help you play harder, and that will help a lot.

Congratulations on your wonderful opportunity. I’ve been in your shoes, although my offer was for a NAIA school and not Ivy League. As a lifetime soccer player, I can honestly say that there were three things that helped me immensely to become a starter my freshman year (and honorable mention All-conference).

First, conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. I have always been one of the fastest guys on the field, but I was lacking in endurance. Lots of running…both distance and sprints. If only I had access to the wealth of info on here back in my HS/college days…oh, what might have been!

Second, but not any less important than the first one: DIET. I had an absolutely attrocious diet my younger years, largely consisting of 2-3 fast food meals daily and up to a 12 pk. of Dr. Pepper, which eventually ruined my insulin sensitivity. When I got focused on a proper diet, I improved by leaps and bounds. Never underestimate the importance of diet in a training program. I’m almost ten years older than many of the guys I still compete against and can run circles around most all of them.

Third, the weights. Going into my freshman year of college I was about your size, 5’7 and 155 lbs. Just by making a regular habit of eating breakfast and lifting, I shot up 10 lbs. almost overnight despite doing a load of cardio for soccer. While you don’t need to be Mr. Olympia on the field, a 5’8" 140 lb. freshman is likely going to get knocked on his ass on a pretty regular basis, especially at the level you’re looking into. If you could get up to 160 or so and keep it functional, this would be a good size for the soccer pitch.

I appreciate your desire to achieve your goal of playing for this Ivy League school. As others said earlier, LOOK INTO COACH DAVIES. He has a sport-specific program that I would not put off purchasing. When I got back into playing indoor about a year ago, he gave me some great insight on training for “the world’s most popular game.” In particular, the jump rope work and incorporating the explosive lifts like snatches, cleans etc. will help your quickness immensely. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance…I’m rooting for ya!