Four Months In - My Program


I started weightlifting about 4 months ago. Currently I am trying to lose weight(275 6’4".) I am on a modified velocity diet(1 solid meal per day - grilled chicken breast sandwich on wheat.)

Here is what I have “settled” on. This month I am pushing myself kind of hard because I am away on business. I work 12 hrs a day and I don’t get any days off.

I lift every other day. I go through the following cycle. Basically my work outs are split into 2 parts. 4 3x8-12 exercises which I superset 2(ABABAB, CDCDCD) then I 5x5 the second part (EFGEFGEFGEFGEFG.) I rest as I see fit. I try to keep a tempo, but if I feel like I am really out of breath I will sit down and rest for a few minutes.

Day 1

A - Lat pull down
B - dumbell chest raise
C - seated cable rows or bentover barbell rows(whatever I feel like)
D - incline dumbell bench press

E - deep squats
F - incline dumbell bench press or incline dumbell flyes
G - assisted dips

Day 2 - off

Day 3

A - seated overhead dumbell press
B - weighted decline situps
C - lateral cable raises
D - ab machine

E - deep squats
F - shrugs
G - assisted dips

Day 4 - off

Day 5

A - tricep rope pull down
B - dumbell hammer curls
C - overhead tricep rope extension
D - cable curls

E - deep squats
F - concentration curls
G - assisted dips

Day 6 - off


Side info:

  • I tried to do deadlift but it hurt a lot so I am questioning my form. When I return I know someobdy who is going to teach me to deadlift. I will then swap in dead lift for deep squats every other workout.
    -On day 3 I have been considering replacing the ab machine with good mornings to get some lower back workout.
    -I do not have a spotter so that is why I do dumbell presses instead of barbell presses. I actually enjoy dumbells more - so it works out.
    -When I lift I make sure to do complete ROM with good form and lift up and down somewhat slowly.
    -I cannot do any sort of power cleans or anything like that – the ceiling is too low to lift weights over my head. That is also why I don’t do standing military presses.

Everyones input is appreciated!

And for people considering starting to lift weights - I encourage you to! I have lost about 50 lbs so far and look so much more HEALTHY.