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Four Loko Banned


After some terrorists blow up a school all the moms will be crying WHY DIDN'T THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING TO STOP THESE TERRORISTS?

Well, the cops were too busy arresting people for drinking FOUR LOKO!

Morons - the sheeple get what they deserve.


Allow me to play Devil's Advocate here.....

It probably should be banned. It's flavor is like candied syrup and is targeted toward younger drinkers. In fact, I'd surmise that it is targeted toward underage drinkers. I tend to feel that any drink whose flavor mimics candy or gatorade or something easily drinkable like that is targeted toward underage drinkers.

Anyone familiar with how businesses selling consumer products runs themselves knows that these companies try to get people buying their product at as young an age as possible. Four Loko knows teenagers are going to get their hands on their product some way, somehow and that teenagers tend to just drink until they hit the floor. So why not design a drink that will enable them to essentially consume more of their product, regardless of how unsafe it may be.

I don't think that govt should protect us from ourselves, but as long as it IS doing this, then products like Four Loko are exactly the types of things they should go after. There's no control with a product like that. First of all, it IS dangerous to drink large quantities of a drink with that much sugar and caffeine AND alcohol in it.

Secondly, while large quantities of alcohol of any kind can be dangerous, it is much more dangerous when combined with large amounts of any stimulant. At a bar, there is always a bartender who can cut you off when you've had too much, but drinking in the privacy of your home leaves no one to moderate for you. This drink is basically designed to drastically lessen your ability to self-regulate yourself while drinking so that you can continue to drink even more. It's not as severe as drinking in conjunction with a bunch of cocaine (and I can tell you from experience that THAT can lead to disaster before you even know what's hit you) but it is the same concept.


I am fine with the ban


Ban it because it tastes nasty. Ewww.


I take it that you've never drank one before. If that flavor was passable for candy there would be a lot less obesity in the world I guarantee you.


I concur with the legs. Grape, supposedly the best flavor, tasted like shit even when I was already buzzed.


I've had them described to me as such by several different people. The point is that they are designed to be more appealing to younger drinkers, like Mike's Hard Lemonade or something like that. I don't drink anymore, so I have not had one, but from what I've been told and through my previous experiences drinking similarly-flavored drinks, they don't have nearly the same flavor as a good beer or good scotch, a flavor that doesn't appeal to young drinkers for the most part.


So why's this stuff worse than Sparx or any of those other alcoholic energy drinks?


If these are banned so should twinkies. Fat ass people are killing healthcare which affects us all. If you wanna drink yourself to death be my guest. If you go crazy with these drinks you will prolly do the same with another product.

You can't make people be responsible. You can punish them by making them be accountable. Pay for your own healthcare, drink yourself to death-too bad, too fat to walk- fine crawl til you lose the weight.


I believe it's alcohol and caffeine content is three times higher than the other drinks out there.


I believe it's alcohol and caffeine content is three times higher than the other drinks out there.


OH alright, thanks. Guess I'll have to see if any are left on the shelves then before they're gone!



I kinda like it..lol


Their alcohol content is 12% ABV whereas a normal beer is around 5%. Wine is typically around 12-14% and most strong liquors are up near 40%

As you can see, the alcohol content of a Four Loko is not "stronger" than any other drink. It's just that people consume too much,, have medical issues, then people look for something else to blame other than themselves. Sure the caffeine content may be high, but there is about 300mg in on can of Spike and I don't hear about people banning that.

Just like most everything else, people don't want to practice moderation.

BTW, I have drank Four Loko before and it tastes like ass. Also, I am still alive. Go figure.
They are still manufacturing the drink but have taken the caffeine out.


i love four loko


They should also make it illegal to mix Jager with red bull.


The single stupidest person i've ever met (it was on my mission) was drinking those, and by the time i finished talking to him he had downed his fifth.

he was 19.

go figure.


As long as they still make this I is happy!


Me too, cheap, and effective.

Black out in a can baby, why the fuck not.


It's only banned with the high caffeine content. With a lower caffeine content you are still able to buy.