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Four Horsemen of Fat Apocalypse



  1. Heavy lifting

  2. Lactate-inducing lifting

  3. Aerobic work

  4. Anaerobic alactic energy systems work

I'm going to start cutting, and while I understand the concepts hes putting out, I'm not sure I understand exactly what he means by some things. for instance #2 he describes doing superset "circuits"

heres one of the circuits:
A1. Horizontal pushing exercise
A2. Quads-dominant exercise
A3. Horizontal pulling exercise
A4. Hamstrings-dominant exercise
A5. Abdominal exercise

Does he mean to use weights? bodyweight exercises? I could see doing A1 with pushups same with A5. I assume he means weights, but could you toss in bodyweight exercises?

What do you guys think of the article? I'm going to try it for a month or 2 and see how it goes, I'm glad it doesnt involve a lot of long cardio.


From the article:

You'll perform two or three different circuits of 5 exercises per day, each circuit being performed three times. There's no rest between the exercises within the same circuit and you can rest for 1-2 minutes once all three sets of a circuit have been completed.

Use sets lasting 50-70 seconds (12-20 reps), this means 4 seconds per rep (three seconds down, one second up).

No rest between exercises within the circuit (or as little as possible). Perform the circuit three times.

You'll do A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, repeat twice more for three times total, then move on to B circuit the same way, then C circuit if you're not gassed (I only got to C circuit once).

Great program. I used it for 4 weeks and lost 15 pounds. I highly recommend it.

Also, read the article discussion for further clarification and list of exercises (I posted my circuit on there if you are interested in looking at it).



thanks man will do