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Founding Fathers of the Modern Political Paradigm


I thougt this might be a good idea, to make a tread about this men that made the core ideas that we hold on to. I know that many here would say Burke or Smith are the greatest and others would say Marx and yet others would say Mill. Still I think we should respect all of them for the profound influence they had and have on political thinking and politics in making. I hope that others will add in articles if they have them that will shed more light on this great men.

the father of conservatism:

the father of marxian-socialism:

the father of liberalism:

the father of socialliberalism:

the fathers of anarchism:

the father of individual anarchism:

I know wikipedia is not the best source out there but it provides basic information.


I think this is a little intelectual for this board :slight_smile:


I hope you are wrong :slightly_smiling:

but seriously many people in here points to political thinkers all the time. how many times havent
ayn rand and marx been talked about, and thunderbolt have talked about burke and adam smith. It should
therefor be some interest for this for some of the guys that frekvent in this forum.


i think we should add some french ones :

Saint Simon

Auguste Comte :

they can both be seen as the fathers of most industrialist utopia of the 19th century (and therefore as the grandfathers of the various totalitarism of the 20th century).


thanks for expanding the list kamui :slight_smile:

After some thinking, I see that even some more guys should be added.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau:

Jhon Locke:

Thomas Hobbes: