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Hey CT what you recommend as a good foundation program. What rep scheme is best when laying down a foundation (I’m thinking 5x5)? Like to hear insight on the subject. Thank You

It depends on the type of foundation and on the individual. If someone is just starting out in training and has virtually no muscle mass, 5x5 won’t be a very effective alternative. 5x5 will work best with individual who already have a decent strength base.

If someone has been training for some time and wants to become serious for the first time, the 5x5 approach is a decent one to use.

hi, i noticed you said 5x5 was “decent”, implying maybe that there is a better way to lay the foundation for the relatively experienced? i fall directly into that category, and while i feel that 5x5 is the baddest of the badass, i’d like to think i’m open minded enough to try something that an “expert” would reccomend.
peace, flash

When I first started lifting probably about 8 months ago, I did 5x5. I like to hear what you recommend other then 5x5. How long should a beginner program last for? I’m thinking at least 12 weeks. Thank You

Te problem with 5x5 is that it is a strength-based routine. If you are to perform such a program, without first mastering perfect lifting technique, you can overload your structures and cause injuries.

Te first 8 weeks of a beginner training program should be focused on learning and mastering perfect lifting technique, on increasing muscle mass and tendons strength. Exercises with a moderate load, slow eccentric tempo and relatively high volume of work is the best way to train at first. Then, once the body is ready to deal with the rigors of heavy strength training, you can move on to a program such 5x5 (which I really like BTW).