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foundation and size training

I’m 17 years old and have been lifting for 3 years now, mostly for athletic performance. Now i’m looking for a routine that will help me put on good muscle foundation and size. i’m looking at Size Surge, any comments and reccomendations? Please dont flame me or anything, i’m just looking for advice.

What the hell is “size surge”?

nobody is going to flame you bro. this is why the forum is here. so you say you want a program to gain size and what not. i would suggest ian kings “12 weeks to super strength”. you can do a search in the t-mag search engine and find it.

Second that on Ian King’s workouts, I much more an intelligent lifter having done his program. Gone our my paradigms on training, I would have loved to have been introduced them when I was 17.

Char he might be referring to Growth Surge. If not Size Surge1&2 are Positions of Flexion 10 week programs from Steve Holman and Ironman.

…theres so many good programs on here it is overwhelming. you should have no problem finding one.

I’d go with EDT.

I was referring to the POF from Ironman, a few guys i know put on some decent size through that program. I was kinda worried that i’d be flamed for asking this question, because i’ve seen a few other people on other boards ask the same and end up getting their asses set on fire. I’ve taken a look at some of Ian King’s programs, and i have to say that a lot of the stuff he talks about are kinda above my head. The exercises and whether to do them for strength or size i understand but pretty much everything else blows me out of the water. Are there any dummed down versions?

For tips on Ian King stuff, look up the Ian King Cheat Sheet articles by Chris Shugart in the archives.

Well, I haven’t read Ironman in a while, so I’m not familiar with the program. Care to post it here? We’ll take a look at it for you.