Found Working T Protocol, Fertility Question

Hi All,

It took me about 9 months of tweaking multiple T protocols to find a steady one that works well. I’m now injecting twice weekly, 150mg and feel pretty solid, not quite 100% but nearly there.

My goal was to first get a protocol that felt good and was working consistently for a while before figuring out the fertility side of things. What is the best route in terms of introducing this? I’m not planning on having a child anytime very soon but also don’t want to lose my fertility.

Should I only think about this when I’m ready to have a kid or is this something I should be always on top of for when that time arrives?

Personally I wouldn’t worry then. You can take HCG now or you can take it when the time comes.


It seems as though the longer you go without hCG, the harder it will be to come back online. I would start on the hCG ASAP.


What do you base that upon? I have not found that to be true.

A few studies I have read refer the level of atrophy as one of the deciding factors. I assume the longer without hCG, the more atrophy of the testes.

Also, no evidence but usually, the longer something isn’t used, the more difficult it would be to bring back online.


I highly doubt you remember the size of your testicles 8 years ago. You got pics?


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Interesting, you would not happen to have any of those available, would you?

Off the top of my head, I couldn’t say what the longest time on TRT is before any of my patients started attempting to conceive, though they’ve been successful. I’d like to see if this has been studied and have not been able to find any specific to time on TRT.

It sounds like general consensus is that you can conceive even if you haven’t taken HCG or any of the others to increase fertility…

If there are any studies out there showing that a link between increased time on just T causing infertility permanently please share. For now I’m happy I have a working protocol and would rather not mess with it if I don’t have to

I’ll have a look. It’s been a while.