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Found Where my Back Breaks...Again


So I guess I have been MIA for a little while now. But no worries getting hitched has not slowed down the lifting any!

I am up in the 220 weight class now and my lifts have been progressing along nicely, especially my deadlift (as usual).

Well I deadlifted 565 the other day and everything felt great! It came up slow as shit but got it without hitching and it was a solid lift.

Well the next day my hamstring and ass were sore as Hell! Now 2 weeks later my hamstring is flexed 24/7 and I can't sit down without my back giving out. Apparently there is some swelling in my low back that has pinched a nerve and thus my problem.

Oh well I got my meds and hopefully I will be healed up and ready to go again soon. Till then there won't be any deadlifts but I'll still be training because I'm a hard headed fool :slight_smile:

Well off to go bench today and help my powerlifting team with their back workouts!



Serves you right getting in the 220s. There are too many 220s already.

Sucks man. Take advantage of the possible bench progress and recovery ability.


well no one wants to be a 165


Not unless you're 5' flat.

Sorry to hear about your back, heal up and take it easy, you've got years to set PRs.


Haha I took full advantage of the bench! I did 260 for a paused bench today which I was happy about!