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Found Some Pre-Ban Superdrol and M1,4ADD


Hey guys, just want to say I've been a long time lurker and came up with a question that was worth making an account over. Anyways, I'm 3 weeks into my first cut and in an old box in my closet I found an old bottle of Superdrol (10mg a pill/56 pills) and some M1,4ADD (40 mg/full bottle). This leads me to the question on if I should think about stacking them for my last 6 weeks, or take the SD stand alone at either 10mg or 20mg a day.

I understand that neither of these compounds are ideal for a cut, however, if I have access to some old PH's that are good, why not take them? I've researched this and looked around at some old logs, but I guess I want a more tailored opinion to my situation. Thanks in advance guys!


they'll work fine, just be sure to do a PCT after.