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Found Some Classic Grow!


Hey everyone,

Been a while since I've been on and last week I placed my usual prequarter order. Anyway I was putting my tubs of Surge away on the top shelf and noticed I had another tub way in the back of the cupboard. To my surprise when digging it out I found it was a 3 lb container of Classic Grow! I picked up when it was discontinued and changed to Metabolic Drive.

Its been back there a few years and the expiration date says 2007. I opened it I made half of a shake and it tastes, smells, and looks just fine. The only question I have is it safe for consumption. I know I should toss it out but right now I'm a student trying to scrape by with what I have. Plus I don't think I have the heart to throw it out.

I feel like it's somewhat of an honor to kick the quarter of with Grow! at the helm (as it all started with Grow!)

What do you guys think about the expiration date, good or bad, toss or use?


Eat it! If you get sick, then throw the tub out. lol


It's probably still good. Moisture is the big thing that would cause it to go bad, but if there were moisture in the container, you would probably be able to tell due to clumping and a change in texture.