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Found Silly Article on Fitness Blackbook


I was searching for sprint workouts, and stumbled across this dose of excrement. Check out the comments. Worth a laugh.



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Agreed. I know I am adding to this by posting in this thread, but I would hope people just stop spreading that nonsense around.

We get it, some little guys really believe women hate muscles that stand out at all. The thing is, I wouldn't want a woman who didn't appreciate what I was involved in so it doesn't matter to me what every woman on the planet wants.

I think people who shoot for "average" because they think that is what is accepted more will always have a hard time understanding why anyone else would want to not be average.

Most people won't go to grad school. Most won't make six figures a year. Most people won't graduate at the top of their class, win a full ride scholarship to college, win a Superbowl, save someone's life, or simply stand out in a crowd.

That's cool. If we can accept that people exist who love mediocrity for the sake of trying to fit into what most people accept, then why do they try this hard to make those who do stand out seem like outcasts and freaks?

But hey, we have at least one author right here who seems to fall in line with that ideology.


"I think most people can get enough leg development with intense cardio. Only under extreme cases do I think people need to add mass to their legs with specific leg liftsâ?¦those are people with really skinny legs.

I know my point of view is not popular, but I think cardio exercises build the perfect balance of strength, size and tone in the legs.


this guy is a genius


damn, a member for 6 yrs, and just popped your cherry


I don't want to date a lightbulb.

Edit: Remember the Tales From the Crypt episode Schwartzenegger directed? The first 1min 10sec sums up my feelings...


He's your worst nightmare. The ultimate lurker!!!


"Building leg mass isn't too difficult, but really ask yourself why you want big legs. For the most part, you lose a bit of athletic ability if you build your legs up too much"

Lets disect: 1. It is difficult, it might come easy to some people, but the reason why MOST people don't have the proper leg mass as he refers to it, is because it's hard, it's painful, and sometimes it sucks.
2. Why? Because Im not some putang.
3. YEEEAAAAh...tell that to any NFL, NHL, or even some MLB players. You fricking Idiot. And to the point of "to much" which in my opinion would be like Coleman Cutler size...when has this guy even ever been in danger of coming that close?

I dont know if this would be considered that I have something wrong with me. But I love legs days, sure they hurt, sure they're painful, and sometimes they suck, but overall I love them. I love squats, I love lunges, I love RDLs, I love Cleans, I love snatches, I love front squats, I love push presses, I love calf workouts, I love any agility work...I love em. (I know some of the lifts I listed arent just for legs, but they're most of the ones that everyone hate).


I've only ever gotten compliments about my big squatter ass.


The thing is, the women who "don't like muscles" are the ones who don't work out themselves. They probably don't like a guy who works out - they unfairly label this as "obsessive" to berate someone's positive health habits - because they feel it is a reflection on their OWN lack activity. So, as a defense mechanism, they lash out and label all lifters as obsessive and narcissistic. In reality, they are feeding their own narcissism by surrounding themselves with people of similar mediocrity, only to curl up forever in their stupid comfort zones and distorted sense of self-value (read: overly inflated!).


Goddamn. You must've owed a shit load of taxes this year or something :slightly_smiling:


Quoting a reply to the article: "That guy would probably just let out a huge roar and pound his chest like an apeâ?¦ I promise you thats the extent of his intelligence."

...I don't really know what to say about it. Just kinda retarded.

I get compliments from girls about my ass too. It shows a lot more athleticism than hawt abz or almost anything else.

Absolutely agreed. /thread


same here. although my ass is as much genetic as squat. it's always been huge.


Eh, the way I see it, the girls who are put off by muscles aren't the ones I would want to be dating anyway.

What was that quote I read from somebody here once?

"Girls like boys. Women like men, and men have muscle."


I think it's hilarious how many people claim that they "used to be" huge. Really? Then WTF happened? Everybody was at an elite level ten years ago...

I once worked with an out of shape woman who one day made the stupid comment that she used to squat 280. Instead of calling her on her bullshit, I just said "Wow! That's so impressive, I'm nowhere near that level, how long did you train before you got up to that?" Then I looked at her expectantly while other people were watching until she started stammering "Umm... well..." *looks around nervously "It wasn't really that long... I don't know... it was back in high school, so I don't remember..."

Yeah fucking right, everybody was superman back in high school, if I had a friggin quarter every time I heard that bullshit.


Most women don't want muscular men because most women are fat asses. The guilt and intimidation is self induced due to their lack of selfesteem and their sheer lack of desire to make something of themselves. They would much rather have a soft squishy jellyroll for a partner that they can boss a round.


anyone with a computer has a voice. kinda like here.


x2, well said PDL.


More senseless bullshit from some sorry-assed retard....

The Internet's a real toilet sometimes, ain't it?