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Found Out I’ve Used Underdosed Gear for All of My Cycles

Thought this was pretty funny and sad lmao. But I found out the supplier I used on my last cycles sells severely under dosed gear. So I’ve basically just been running trt for my last cycles. Works out because it means I’ve put less in my body than I thought, and I will probly grow dramatically from my next cycle which I have gotten from a very reputable source. This also means I probly don’t need to take as long of a break lol already received my stuff gonna be running

500 test e/c a week
150 mg npp eod
25-50 mg dbol first 6-8 weeks

Be careful here. I got deca dick from NPP and gyno from Dbol. You might want to add Masteron to counter both of those issues

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Thanks man! I actually have some legitimate masteron laying around that I got from a friend I never used. Will it counter act those at a low dose so I can stretch it until I do my next order?(probly in a few weeks) also if I start to get Gyno should I just add in 20mg Nolv a day till it clears?

Yes to all the above.

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Made a thread about this a few weeks back

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Sorry to hear that , Are u allowed to let us know the under dosing source , it would be helpful for all .

That is against forum policy. There are other forums specifically for this purpose.

Understood , ok thanks

I actually wish it was allowed. As finding a good source is pretty difficult, and many of the guys on this forum have a really long track record, and can be trusted as not shills.


I wish it was too. I understand why it’s not, but Atleast having a messaging feat would be nice. I plan to blast this summer and my first hurdle will be finding dem druggggz :joy:

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How exactly do you know you’ve been running underdosed gear? Without sending in the substances for testing, there’s very little way to know. Aside from peer reviewed boards of which encourage UGL’s to pump out product of adequate quality, there’s no way to know for certain whether a product is dosed adequately. If I recall (might be thinking of someone else), you had a test of 1499ng/dl on 500mg… meaning that if you were running test + tren + orals you were 100% running considerably more than TRT… and you were getting very nice results, so why fix what isn’t broken, needlessly elevate risk factors.

If you’re particular lab isn’t present on any bodybuilding board, the supplier may supply underdosed product because he/she/the lab can get away with it. I feel as if many blame gear being “underdosed” for a lack of results… You had fantastic results, I don’t see the reason to be complaining. Furthermore given the inconsistency regarding quality raws imported, sometimes it’s not even the UGL’s fault, that being said they should send out a batch for independent/private testing before marketing any product.

We know you’re testosterone was probably underdosed, but regarding the deca, tren, orals etc you’ve run… there’s no way to know

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It’s not that hard, engrain yourself within a hardcore bodybuilding circle if you wish to buy in person. Otherwise research/learning how to (SECURELY) navigate the dark web will help you tremendously

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I didn’t read everything U wrote but I know it’s under dosed cuz my test was at 1400 on 500 mg of test a week. Also found plenty of others claiming same thing, just had to dig a little deeper cuz the lab I’m talking about pays a few forums to delete negative posts about them.

Edit when I took the blood test I was on jus the test

Also I’m not complaining at all lmao. I literally said it’s good cuz I put less in my body then I thought but Ofcourse I’m not happy about spending way more on something that was worth way less.

I am also convinced the tren was fake as I had NO side effects what so ever. Pretty sure same with the deca. I’m happy with my results, I also busted my ass and my diet and training were on point, which they still are. I’m overall happy with the situation as it makes me feel more accomplished honestly that I changed so much with a lot less help then I realized

But yeah the place is pretty much universally shunned for bullshit on all the forums that it isn’t a part of or a sponsor of, it was also removed recently as a sponsor from a forum I frequent because of selling under dosed/fake gear.

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Fair enough, however a lack of side effects doesn’t equate to the gear not being quality. Some people just don’t have physical manifestations regarding side effects (internally is another story).

I agree however that if a lab is universally panned across the board (as you’ve specified it is), then the gear is probably underdosed/bunk. Stay away from trenbolone though, why do you need to use it?

If you’re a veteran, MASSIVE (like Zeek, I’ve never seen a photo of him but I’ve heard he’s incredibly large) and have quite a few years/many compounds under you’re belt then sure… or if you’re heading into a competition/photoshoot, but otherwise I legitimately don’t see why anyone would want to put something THAT harsh into themselves.

Try stick to under 1g/wk if longevity is you’re prime focus… then again I’ve never used such dosages myself so I’m probably not the best person to be giving out said advice, I’m going by case reports. Very few case reports exist regarding cardiomyopathy/myocardial infarction stemming from dosages under 500mg weekly… many exist in the 1-3g weekly range +

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Thought my gear might be under dosed so I went and got tested. Turns out I was fucking trippin. I’m running 500mg test e weekly. TT is 3700+ FT 1000+.

Sorry to hear you got burned but like you said there are some positives.

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I didn’t get deca dick from even 600 deca.

But I did get an increase in my gyno lump from dbol though, even with strong AI, starting to dislike dbol, makes me feel great but too much E hassle, every time i’ve used Dbol i got gyno battle, real hassle.

500mg of Test. should put you above 3,000ng/dL at a minimum. I’m personally above 1,200ng/dl on only 100mg Test. Cyp per week.

I feel like that’s not common?

It’s generally accepted that weekly dose x 4-5 should be your ng/dL depending on how your body absorbs the drug. 3000 for 500 mg of test isnt super rare but not common. Also keep in mind test e is gonna be less pure due to it being a longer ester.

@TRT_Phoenix bullshit. 500mg puts me at 2000. I’m one guy. You’re using your own experience to justify your claims. I’m a single person that can easily disprove what you are saying. I can show you another 40-50 or so with significantly lower and significantly higher numbers. Your claim is BS. I need 250 just to get me to 1068.

Guys, forget dose. There is no one dose. You need to figure out the dose that will give you the levels you are after.

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