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Found Old MAG-10, 4-AD-EC. Any Use?

[quote]SRS wrote:
Ultimate Orange? LOL. Vaguely remember that stuff from back in the day- all the powerlifters were raving about it. I was just a rookie teen. Was just a super caffeine-shot as far as I remember.

As far as selling the stuff, I wouldn’t be averse, but just worried about the legality. Don’t want the feds at my door for dealing AAS. Not ready to use unless I had PCT etc in place. Was kinda naive back when bought it. Maybe I’ll just freeze for now to save what potency there is left. They’re liquid formulas, so maybe have deteriorated more than the caps would?

Thanks for the entertainment guys.

if you’re shipping within the US, there shouldn’t be any problem at all.

It is possible that the liquid may have lost potency if at room temperature all this time.

Additionally, at least one person has reported that as his impression from having used an old bottle of the liquid. It could well be.

However, nothing harmful would result, and quite possibly the only difference is being a mix of the original esterified forms and unesterified “1-testosterone” and 4-AD rather than being all-esterified.