Found My Sweet Spot

As a banged up 59 year old I have been trying various programs of Jim’s and after much experimentation over the year I have finally put together one that works for me.

I begin most mornings with light conditioning on an Airdyne followed by light stretching.

Press 5 Pros with 2 sets of FSL
DB Bench 3x10
DB Rows 5x10
Barbell Curl 3x10

Squat 5 Pros with 2 sets of FSL
SLDL 3x6-8
Prowler Walks

Wednesday - Mobility

Bench 5 Pros with 2 sets of FSL
DB Press 3x10
Pulldowns 5x10
Triceps Extension 3x10

Friday - Mobility

Deadlift 3 Pros
DB Squat 3x10
Prowler Walks


Each cycle I go up 2.5 on Press and Bench 5 on Squat and Dead lift.

Easy to recover from and steady growth.

Just thought I would share.


58 yo here.
Do you just keep adding weight it or as leaders and anchors or 5 forward 3 back?

Just keep adding weight. On my 6th cycle and no problems so far.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with your progress.

Getting ready to start working in some Airdyne work on Bench and Press day instead of early morning and see what happens