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Found Money

US troops finds millions of dollars in Iraq. And the US promise to give it to the new Iraqi goverment when it is in place. I saw why should we give it to the New Iraqi goverment and its people. We help liberate them and used our money. Now to all the guys like Say that think US BAD or wrong to go to war with IRAQ I think the US goverment is been too nice to the Iraqi people!

You don’t punish the people of Iraq. They were ruled by a despot and his cronies.

You can’t steal money from Iraq regardless of your opinion on its former leadership.

It BELONGS to the people of Iraq. Geez.

We paid for the war, but it served out interests as much as theirs. Plus, we bombed the crap out of them. Money should be used for their rebuilding.

We should divide the money up for the troops that are fighting to take home to their families. If I was the one who found the money I would have filled my pockets and a few duffle bags full of cash and took it with me.

Besides taking money, did we accomplish our mission?

  1. Find chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction

  2. Find Saddam Hussein

I haven’t kept up with recent events or the war, and I have not heard anything about the above. So is the mission a success or a failure?

motown 4 soliders already got busted for stealing money. Nate Dogg we did accomplish the our mission. And that was to get Saddam Hussain and his Regime out of power. Mission accompished. And I do agree that the money should be given back to the Iraqi people. But in what form?

Motown- didn’t you hear? A few of our guys DID, and now they’re court-marshalled. I can understand where they (you) are coming from though. Sorely tempting huh?

Nate Dogg- good points. People are forgetting, where has that MF gone? (And, where’s BIN LADEN!??). SRS

The other day I was leaving HomeDepot. My son begs for a soda Sorry son I have no money I said. Please Daddy Please. As we pass the soda machine the was $100 bill on the ground. I picked that puppy right up and put it in my pocket. I felt bad for the person who lost it. But what could I do turn it in. No because that $6 hour employee would of pocketed it. But I still could not by my boy a Soda.

solojobber, a good father would have asked his son to help him tip the pop machine over so you guys could steal some pop. The $100 should have gone towards poker and hookers.

Now you can take him to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead!

lol you guys are to funny. I found money once. It was rolled in a plastic bag. Around $400 there was no address to return the money. So I gave to a local charity.

“Whats not yours you shouldn’t keep. No matter how much value it is. Find a way to donate it to a church or charity.” Remember someone is always watching. At least our Maker is watching us.

Chuck E. Cheeses has poker and hookers?

If that’s the case, I’ve been missing out.

“Hey guys, you want to go to Chuck E. Cheese this weekend for poker and hookers? Liquor in the front. Poker in the rear.”

Did anyone hear about the fox news engineer arrested for looting art and bonds from iraq?

Another bizarre story, apparently US troops were surprised to discover that lions don’t like to be left unfed for ten days and will attempt to escape sooner or later. The four lions which got out were all shot. I suppose that’s at least better than Sigfried and Roy getting a hold of them-- and yes I know theirs is a tiger.

Slow news day

No matter what we do, there are always dumb people. What dumbass didn’t think he would get caught?

Poker in the rear. Now what’s the address of that Chuck E. Cheese’s?

This whole concept of soldiers stealing money kinda reminds me of that movie Three Kings. I dont know what I would do in that situation. If $112 million were starring me in the face…I would be awfully tempted to stash a couple thousand in my pockets and send to my pregnant wife in the States. Then agian…I dont want any bad karma…so maybe not.

You’ve gotta figure though, for every guy caught that we hear about, how many walk away? If you find too much money, obviously you can’t take it all, and once someone finds out it was their, they will be suspicious of you. The key to looting is to find something or some quantity of currency which is small enough not to be missed or even catologued in the first place.

E McKee, sounds like you’re referring to my pay cheque.

No monder my son Likes Chuckie Cheese. He got a lap dance for his 4th birthday.lol