Found a Solution for a Stimulus Addict Like Myself: Mandatory Weekly Exercises

Hello! I’ve tried many times before to follow a workout but that has never worked for me. The thing is that I found a solution. I picked three exercises that I had to do every single week no matter what. I did zercher squats, power rows and push press. They have been done only for a set in the whole week and the only thing I had to do was try to progress at least for on rep. The rest of the week I could do whatever I want, If I want to try westside, sheiko… Whatever I don’t care. Right now I’m doing the “greasing the groove” method that you recomended with your bobsleigh athlete. I know that this is not the best way to train, I know so well but at least I can progress almost every single week and I’m feeling very confident. What are your thoughts on that?

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The solution to stimulus addiction is getting excited by a concept. As long as a concept excites you, you will not feel the need to “fill the void” with more work.

The limitation is that it only works for as long as something keeps you excited. And what works for you will likely not work for others since we get excited by different things.

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So true. Thanks coach! I hope I can stay with it a tad longer than ever. At least I’m on it 2 months or so. Thank you for your reply